14, Feb 2023
This Valentine’s day, romance with your soulmate and catch these Netflix shows and movies

The season of love has arrived! And what better way to celebrate the day than binge-watching some of the most intriguing love stories Netflix has to offer? Forget the old cliched displays of affection, be it long-stemmed roses or boxes of chocolate or candlelit dinners, as we have curated a list of films that you can stream with your beloved on this Valentine’s Day.

Ante Sundaraniki

Featuring Nani, Nazriya Nazim in the lead role, Ante Sundaraniki, a Netflix Telugu rom- com takes you through the lives of a Christian woman, Leela (Nazriya Nazim), and a Brahmin guy, Sundar (Nani), who fall in love and get married. In an attempt to convince their parents, the children tell different stories, and create a comical disaster by complicating their situation. Ante Sundaraniki is a sweet romantic comedy movie and a perfect binge watch for Valentine’s Day

Available in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.

Virata Parvam

Vennela (Sai Pallavi), a typical Telangana country girl who draws a lot of inspiration from literature and her father’s Oggu Katha. The most wanted naxal commander Aranya alias Ravanna (Rana Daggubati), whose poem Vennela just so happens to read, captures her heart. The central conflict of this romantic action thriller is how Vennela and Ravanna’s paths connect and if Vennela succeeds in winning her heart. A romantic action film that celebrates love and has powerful emotions, Virata Parvam proves to be a memorable Valentine’s Day film.

Available in Telugu, Tamil & Malayalam

Krishna Vrinda Vihari

Directed by Annish Krishna, the Telugu romantic comedy stars Naga Shaurya, Shirley Setia and Radhika in prominent roles. The story revolves around Krishna (Naga Shaurya), who falls in love with his project manager Vrinda (Shirley). However, descending from an orthodox family, he strives to convince his family to marry Vrinda. This rom-com is an inspiring watch on Valentine’s Day as it takes you through a series of twists and tales of love.

18 Pages

18 Pages, Netflix romantic drama features Nikhil Siddhartha, Anupama Parameswaran, and Ajay in the lead. The movie takes you through the life of Siddhu (Nikhil Siddhartha) and Nandini (Anupama Parameswaran). Heartbroken Siddhu finds himself immersed in the enigmatic world of Nandini when he stumbles upon her two-year-old diary. This love-story will enlighten your Valentine’s Day as it will anticipate you to see whether Siddhu and Nandini actually meet.

Love Today

Consider giving your partner access to your phone for the entire day. That sounds impossible, right? Well, that is what Love Today is all about. This rom-com features a young couple who swap phones for 24 hours, at the request of the girl’s suspicious father. Directed by Pradeep Ranganathan, the movie stars Pradeep Ranganathan, Ivana, and Yogi Babu in the lead. This film is a great watch for Valentine’s Day as it makes two strangers fall in love.

Available in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.

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