10, Jun 2024
TVS First Look Original Productions to Produce Gum Drop Hip Hop TV Series for Broadcast, Cable, and Streaming

California City, CA, June 10, 2024 — TVS First Look Original productions is producing a 13 week music video series entitled Gum Drop Hip Hop, featuring TVS Records artists Skool O’ Foolz, The Skunkz, and King Kong Kines performing their new hits. The programs will air on broadcast, cable, and streaming platform and will be available on DVD for home video. An audio CD version will also be marketed for use as “party music” by kids.

TVS Television Network produced the first nationally syndicated rap music TV series, Fresh Groove, in the 1980’s. TVS has also produced other musically based shows over the years including People Watchers, BlooperToons, and Boomin Reunion. TVS has been producing and distributing TV programming to broadcast, cable, home video, and streaming platforms since 1960.

Gum Drop Hip Hop features a mix of live and animated elements of the songs performed by TVS Records artists Skool O’ Foolz, The Skunkz, and King Kong Kines. The series is meant as a sing a long party atmosphere show for kids and young adults.

Other TVS First Look Original productions in 2024 include Zoomba Quest, Lucha Loco, Lift This!, Pulling For Glory, Wild Wheels, Bowlarama, Rock Em Sock Em Knock Em, Mighty Feats of Strength, Basquet Cases, and Silver Skates.

Gum Drop Hip Hop will debut in September 2024 on the TVS Select Network, a 24/7 streaming FAST channel on the WatchYour.TV platform, powered by Tulix. TVS Select Network is a ‘quibi’ style short form channel featuring sports, music, and entertainment with programs under ten minutes in length.

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