21, Feb 2023
Universal Robots showcased Versatile collaborative Robots (cobots) With Plug-and-Play components at India Industrial Automation Robotics and Electronics Expo (IIAREE) 2023

India, February 21, 2023: Universal Robots (UR), the global leader in collaborative robots (cobots), demonstrated how cobots of various payloads can safely and efficiently support the automation of sought-after tasks in manufacturing and industrial settings, when integrated with end-effectors from the UR+ ecosystem, in the recent India Industrial Automation Robotics and Electronics Expo (IIAREE), held at the Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 16 to 18 February 2023.

Visitors to the booth experienced first-hand the ease of control and deployment of UR cobots in industrial applications such as machine tending and pick and place, and the power and force limiting characteristics of UR cobots, which enable humans and cobots to work in close proximity safely.

Fast-to-Deploy Cobot Solutions on Display

UR created UR+, an ecosystem of partners with application kits and plug-and-play components compatible with UR cobots, to provide users with ready access to a collection of certified peripherals for fast deployment. Today UR+ is the industry’s largest ecosystem, with over 300+ UR partners and over 400+ certified UR+ components. Users can easily seek out the right tool for their UR cobots to meet their unique and evolving business needs.

At the booth, UR showcased proven automation solutions, integrating UR cobots of various payloads with plug-and-play end-effectors from UR+ ecosystem partners. These include:

• UR3e: The UR3e cobot carries a payload of up to 3 kg, with a small footprint of only 128 mm. At the expo, UR3e was mounted with a 2-finger gripper from SMC, providing a plug-and-play configuration for immediate use.

• UR5e: With a payload of 5 kg, the UR5e cobot is a lightweight robot arm that tackles medium-duty applications with ultimate flexibility. At the event, the cobot was fitted with OnRobot’s 3-finger gripper, an ideal component for gripping a wide range of cylindrical objects in machine tending applications such as CNC lathe machines. It has a strong and stable grip, and is designed to automatically centre the workpieces for precise placement, enabling fast deployment.

• UR10e: Carrying a payload of up to 12.5 kg, UR10e is a versatile cobot with 1300mm reach. At the expo, the cobot was fitted with a pneumatic, a universal pneumatic gripper interface that can plug and play two pneumatic grippers from any brand. UR showcased how the cobot can effectively accomplish the job of machine tending tasks.

• UR16e: The UR16e cobot handles an exceptional payload of 16 kg. At IIAREE, the cobot was fitted with the PHD Flexion gripper, a new technology inspired by the motion of a human hand. The gripper consists of finger modules with multiple joints and can be assembled in radial or parallel hub arrays with one to five fingers in each position. Built for industrial strength for heavy or awkward lifting, yet with human hand adaptability for more delicate and sensitive product handling, the UR cobot and Ph.D. The flexion gripper combination can conform and adapt to various workpieces, offering a high level of versatility and application potential.

“Manufacturing sector is emerging as one of India’s high-growth sectors and the shift towards automation is expected to increase efficiency and boost production in the manufacturing industry. At IIAREE 2023, we are honored to showcase the many advantages cobots can bring to the factory floor, and to present a variety of proven automation solutions for better efficiency and a safer workplace,” Mr. Sougandh K.M, Country Manager of India, Universal Robots commented.

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