19, Oct 2023
Unleash Your Child’s Creativity: Top 5 Artistic Play Kits for Little Picassos

Getting outside has numerous advantages for both children and parents. “Outdoor play improves toddlers’ physical and emotional development, provides an excellent opportunity for them to explore their natural environment, and helps in the development of essential skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

While there are many fun indoor activities for children, it is crucial to encourage outdoor play for its physical and developmental benefits. Toddlerhood is a critical developmental stage in which young minds are curious, eager to explore, and poised for learning. This selection of outdoor kids’ toys is intended to encourage the entire family to spend more time outside. These backyard toys are all designed to help improve your child’s physical well-being and development, whether it’s a fun game, a cool sports accessory, or an engaging activity. They can also spend quality time with family and friends.

1. Foil Fun: Up in Space | No Mess Art Kit by Skillmatics

This wow-worthy art and craft activity allows little artists to create their own sparkly scenes. Use 150+ stickers, 10 picture boards, and 100 colourful foil sheets to create art by simply peeling the stickers and embossing them by pressing the foil on top. Pick from categories including Up In Space, Amazing Animals, Dress Up, and Unicorns and Princesses. This mess-free independent activity is a win for both parents and children. Key Skills – Creative Thinking, Fine Motor, Observation, and Focus & Attention.

2. Shumee Wooden Mini Bowling Pins Toy Set by Shumee

This adorable classic game gets a modern-day wooden makeover. Comes with 6 wooden colorful pins & 1 ball bowling set along with a small bag to store the pins in. Roly bowling pins are easy to store in your own little bag. Carry them anywhere. This classic fun wooden toy is made from ivory wood, eco-friendly materials, and bright natural, non-toxic, water-based paints with child safety in mind. Tested and Certified by ASTM international toy standards. Proudly made in India and handcrafted by skilled artisans. This classic game for all ages will keep your child interested for hours as they try to better themselves with each round!

3. Mapology Mission Chandrayaan by Imagi make

This Astronaut kit has Spectacular space exploration images captured by ISRO and is available exclusively here to inspire young scientists as they follow the instructions to make the models. This kit includes 26 Rocket and satellite Model Pieces, 25 Plastic Joint Pieces, 1 Dual Sided Mat, 1 Information and Construction Guide. 5 years and above.

4. Battleship Board Game by Hasbro

With Hasbro Gaming Battleship, you’re not just playing a game; you’re in charge of your own fleet of warships and using pinpoint accuracy to find your opponent’s covert ships. As you yell out coordinates in anticipation of that thrilling “Hit!” and the exploding victory of a sunken warship, the suspense increases with each move.

5. Let’s Learn Animals & their Babies Puzzle by Funskool

With Funskool’s Let’s Learn Animals & their Babies Puzzle, be ready for a wild trip! Engage your child’s imagination and problem-solving abilities by letting them explore a world of cute animal couples. This puzzle, which features lively, captivating images, opens the door to hours of entertainment and education. Enrich cognitive ability while discovering the wonders of the animal realm. It is a sturdy, educational joy for kids that is expertly made. The charm of this puzzle will help you and your child connect and experience the joy of discovery – where learning and fun collide!

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