14, Feb 2023
Update That’s An UpGreat! PokerBaazi rolls out its new app update with the all new PokerBaazi 3.0.

New Delhi, February 14, 2023: PokerBaazi, India’s biggest poker platform, today announced the launch of their latest and biggest app update of the year with their campaign #UpGreat. The new update will bring in an improved and refreshed way to enhance the user experience on the PokerBaazi app. The company’s last major app update came in May 2021 with the rollout of version 2.0 which was an entirely new product based on the latest tech stack. While the company has added more to it with follow-up app updates since PokerBaazi 3.0 is more focused on bringing powerful yet meaningful enhancements to make the Poker gameplay experience more engaging and immersive.

Staying true to its launch campaign called #UpGreat, this version of the Poker app delights its customers with a new animation engine that brings the game animations much closer to a real-life experience. Along with this, the brand’s in-house technology team has ensured further ease of use for its users by enhancing its UX design on both app navigation and gameplay screens. It has also featured a new and innovative game format called ‘All-in or Fold’ which is expected to drive more user engagement.

Speaking about the launch, Mr. Navkiran Singh, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, of Baazi Games said, “While working backward and analyzing user interaction at every stage of the game, we brought in several improvisations in the entire user journey to deliver a whole new experience to our users. Technology is a driver in the product industry today and with our motto of ‘never stop improving’, we love to constantly innovate and improvise. Our users have shown immense love for our product and today, I am really proud that we are delivering this truly #UpGreat update to them.”

The latest app version comes with powerful tech upgrades which provide 2x game loading speed while consuming up to 50% lesser CPU consumption.

Avneet Rana, Co-founder at Baazi Games, who also heads the product & technology, said, “Being a multiplayer gaming platform, a fast and seamless user interface (UI) is a key element and tech innovations to improve the gameplay experience by incorporating the finest design and UX details has been one of the USPs of this update. A considerably better app performance, added engagement features, and a new game format will not just entertain our existing users but also engage the users who join our platform new. ”

PokerBaazi has been at the forefront of technological advancements from the very outset. As India’s leading Poker operator, PokerBaazi is set on its vision to make Poker a household game in the country by making the game more engaging and adaptable for Indian audiences.

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