17, Oct 2023
VAHDAM(R) India Celebrates the 2nd Edition of International Turmeric Day

VAHDAM(R) India Celebrates the 2nd Edition of International Turmeric Day

October 17, 2023: VAHDAM® India, one of the country’s largest home-grown Indian teas and wellness brands, bringing India’s finest teas and spices across the world, celebrated the 2nd edition of International Turmeric Day.

This event marks a significant occasion in promoting the myriad benefits of turmeric and its versatile applications. VAHDAM® India, known for its commitment to wellness, dedicated the entire week (8th October-15th October) to honoring the incredible virtues of turmeric.

To make this event truly special, VAHDAM® India partnered with five esteemed content creators from across the globe. These creators showcased the versatile use of turmeric in beauty, lifestyle, food, and wellness routines. This collaborative effort highlighted the universality and timeless appeal of this ancient spice.

At the VAHDAM® India Flagship Experience Store, a custom installation was created to showcase VAHDAM® India’s turmeric bestsellers. The installation served as a visual delight, illustrating the brand’s dedication to curating the finest turmeric products. As a part of this celebration, VAHDAM® India offered a bespoke tea sampling experience, featuring its hot and cold turmeric signature blends infused with exquisite ingredients such as saffron and ashwagandha. This allowed customers to savor these unique blends’ rich, aromatic flavors.

As a gesture of appreciation for their support, VAHDAM® India offered free turmeric goodies to all shoppers who joined in the celebration. In line with the celebration of International Turmeric Day, VAHDAM® India also introduced “Turmeric Tales,” an informative newspaper designed to educate consumers about the power and potential of turmeric. This informational resource seeks to empower individuals with knowledge about the benefits and various applications of this cherished spice.

VAHDAM® India’s dedication to curating the finest Indian teas and wellness products continues to be unwavering, and International Turmeric Day is a testament to their commitment to sharing the goodness of turmeric with the world.

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