20, Nov 2023
Virgio: The New Revolutionary App is Now Live!

Virgio, a circular fashion-tech startup is thrilled to announce the official launch of the Virgio app, a pioneering mobile application dedicated to promoting and revolutionizing the world of circular fashion. Virgio prides itself as The Only Good Fashion Company that works meticulously to build high-quality products that bring together earth-friendly fabrics, flattering fits, and impeccable finish. This innovative app is designed to redefine the way we shop, understand, and embrace fashion, aligning with the ethos of pro-planet and conscious consumerism.

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Key Features of Virgio:

Educational Resources: The product pages give detailed information on the fabric of the garment, its environmental footprint and earth-friendly methods to care for the clothes. Each garment also comes with a Smart QR Code Label that gives customers more information on styling tips, origin, wash care among others.

Complete Transparency: The application gives detailed information about the material used in each garment, partners they work with that focus on fair wages, and the carbon footprint of each garment.

User-Friendly Interface: Seamlessly navigate and interact with the app’s intuitive design for an enhanced user experience.

Circular Fashion Brand: Access a curated app where users can buy responsibly made clothes that align with Virgio’s circularity pillars: Product, Process, and People – all for the Planet.

Virgio is committed to reshaping the fashion industry by promoting the principles of a circular economy. By embracing fabrics that are long-lasting and less harmful to nature along with pre-owned fashion and encouraging conscious consumption, Virgio empowers individuals to contribute to a more pro-planet future.

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