23, May 2024
Web3 Enabler Partners with Pound Token to Launch Blockchain Payments v1.7 for Salesforce

Miami, FL, May 23, 2024 — Web3 Enabler, the leading provider of blockchain payment solutions within Salesforce, proudly announces the launch of version 1.7 of its Blockchain Payments extension, alongside a significant partnership with Pound Token (1GBP), the first regulated GBP stablecoin issuer in the British Isles. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in simplifying transactions in the Web3 space for Salesforce users globally.

The latest version, branded as “Blockchain Payments for Salesforce,” is uniquely positioned to support businesses looking to embrace cryptocurrency, particularly through the acceptance of Pound Token. This integration not only facilitates seamless crypto transactions but also enables companies to tap into new markets with the trusted, stable value of 1GBP.

With the combined strengths of Salesforce’s leading CRM capabilities and the innovative blockchain technology from Pound Token, companies can now manage their finances in the crypto space more straightforwardly and securely, ensuring they stay at the forefront of digital payment solutions.

Alex Hochberger, CEO of Web3 Enabler, emphasizes the impact of this partnership: “The integration of Pound Token into our Blockchain Payments extension is a game-changer for businesses within Salesforce. This strategic partnership not only enhances our platform’s capabilities but also aligns perfectly with our vision to make blockchain transactions accessible and beneficial for all enterprises.”

Mike Crosbie, CEO of Pound Token, adds: “I am excited to witness the transformative impact our partnership with Web3 Enabler will have on global commerce. By embedding Poundtoken into Salesforce, we are not just simplifying transactions but are also pioneering the future of financial technology. Our goal is clear—to make digital transactions not only easier but inherently secure, propelling businesses into a new era of efficiency and trust.”

The release of Blockchain Payments v1.7 and the partnership with Pound Token are set to revolutionize how companies transact using cryptocurrencies, offering a robust, secure, and innovative platform to leverage the growing digital economy.

Web3 Enabler’s Blockchain Payments v1.7, featuring Pound Token integration, is available immediately for all existing customers. New clients are encouraged to explore the transformative potential of combining Salesforce with leading crypto payment solutions through Web3 Enabler’s innovative offerings.

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