6, May 2023
Zoapi unveils new brand identity and product upgrade, doubling down on growth of hybrid work culture

Bengaluru, 6 May 2023: Zoapi, the WeWork India-backed conferencing and collaboration platform has announced its latest upgrades along with a refreshed brand identity. This upgrade is set to unlock new levels of collaboration, reduce tool ambiguity, and enhance member experience through artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

With the steady growth and adoption of the hybrid work culture, technology has taken center stage in ensuring seamless productivity and connectivity regardless of where employees are located. Businesses of all sizes have realized that a culture of collaboration is the only way forward and Zoapi is uniquely positioned to enable it across all enterprises in the most affordable and universally acceptable manner.

“We are in the golden era of hybrid working where businesses truly believe in the culture of collaboration. As one of the largest flexible workspace providers in the country with a global presence, we are uniquely placed to understand how the future of work is evolving. Combined with our expertise and foresight, Zoapi’s has the potential to grow into a global player, implemented in TV screens and meeting rooms, across all industries,” said Karan Virwani, CEO, WeWork India.

“Our partnership with WeWork India has been instrumental in yielding valuable user insights that have been central to upgrading Zoapi technology. With a focus on enhancing productivity in the workplace, the latest version allows seamless conferencing experience with the introduction of touch controllers for collaboration along with the upgrade of screen sharing technology in laptop and mobile platforms. We look forward to catering to the evolving demand of the workforce and are confident to take our SaaS solution to provide worldwide support for conferences and meeting rooms.”, added Prashanth N.S, Cofounder & CEO, Zoapi Innovations.

Zoapi is a flexible, full-featured collaboration suite that fits into different use cases across large and small enterprises, startups, and flexible workspaces – helping them start a meeting in less than 30 seconds. Supporting multiple conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and many more, the platform delivers an immersive meeting experience, driving greater productivity by maximising time utilisation during meetings, seamless navigation with minimal intervention. In addition, its flexible platform allows customers to customise the solution for their requirement with support for Digital Signage, Access point etc.

Zoapi provides screen sharing & video conferencing for in-person meetings and hybrid teams, supports multiple conferencing apps with internal teams and external vendors along with features like annotation and whiteboarding, and easy switch between attendees. It also enables huddle and conferencing rooms with new age technology to improve productivity.

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