27, Oct 2023
AcadAlly Makes Impactful Debut at DIDAC 2023

AcadAlly Makes Impactful Debut at DIDAC 2023

AcadAlly, a pioneering deep-tech startup in the education sector marked an impressive entrance onto the scene at the recently concluded DIDAC 2023. With over 100 schools from various corners of India showing their interest in AcadAlly’s flagship product, LEAP emerged as a game-changer. Attendees were particularly drawn to the three distinctive services offered by AcadAlly’s products:

Diagnosis: Leveraging an adaptive assessment tool to address learning gaps effectively.

Personalized Remediation: Harnessing AI tools, flipped learning, conceptual video lessons, and chatbot mentorship for tailored educational experiences.

Data-Driven Report Generation: Empowering educators, principals, school owners, and parents with comprehensive data insights.

“With an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the education landscape, AcadAlly captured the attention of attendees, including educators, school administrators, and industry professionals from around the world. Participants also received were given an exclusive opportunity to engage firsthand with AcadAlly’s pioneering products, showcasing their potential to reshape the future of education,” Ridhi Agarwal, Founder, AcadAlly said.

AcadAlly also actively engaged in an insightful panel discussion led by industry experts, delving into the challenges associated with technology integration in education and the evolving skill requirements for the next 10-20 years.

“The discussions encompassed the latest breakthroughs, contemporary methodologies, and forward-thinking ideas in education and skill development. Topics ranged from the significance of flipped learning and fostering innovation to the critical role of personalized AI learning through root cause analysis,” Yash Prakash, Co-Founder, AcadAlly said.

During the event, AcadAlly’s team had the privilege of networking with various academicians, educationists, and influential school leaders from the Indian education industry.

With over 200 exhibitors and an impressive footfall of 19,000 visitors hailing from 35 countries, DIDAC 2023 provided an international platform for AcadAlly to showcase its commitment to excellence in education, fortified by the unparalleled potential of AI.

As AcadAlly continues to embrace the dynamic realm of education, the company remains dedicated to pioneering advancements that will shape a brighter, smarter, and more equitable future for learners worldwide.

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