24, Aug 2023
Author Carmen Davenport’s New Book, Your Warrior Stance: Releasing the Warrior in You

Author Carmen Davenport’s New Book, Your Warrior Stance: Releasing the Warrior in You

Jacksonville, FL, August 24, 2023 –Carmen Davenport, who was born in South Bronx, New York, has completed her new book, “Your Warrior Stance: Releasing the Warrior in You”: an impactful guide that teaches readers how to balance their work lives and family lives to construct the family euphoria and financial freedom they desire.

Author Carmen Davenport’s family—her stepfather, mother, and brother—moved to Jamaica, Queens, New York, when she was eight years old. She learned numerous things while growing up there. However, the main lesson was survival. She survived poverty, bullying, molestation, rape, her family’s addiction to drugs and alcohol, and numerous occasions of near-death.

Carmen joined the United States Marine Corps when she was nineteen. During her twenty-five years of service, she faced rejection, disloyalty, harassment, discrimination, and unfairness. She completed three successful combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. She also received numerous personal awards, medals, and an honorable discharge.

Carmen has a strong desire for fairness. She believes everyone should be treated fairly. However, she understands that many people in this world do not exemplify fairness or the same views as she does. Due to that understanding, she has written down the model that has helped her survive and receive the life she desires. This model, along with over twenty-five years of military training and education and over thirty-five years of personal development investment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, has been tried and proven true in her life and, therefore, provided to all readers so they can achieve the same successes for much less.

Carmen is an entrepreneur, high-level accountability adviser, spiritual/life strategist, and international empowerment speaker. She is currently enrolled in her doctorate program for business administration at Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Florida. “Your Warrior Stance” is just one of her many projects. She applies her warrior stance to everything she does. It is part of who she is, and because of how it aids her, she desires to help readers make it who they are as well. She is passionate to help others build their confidence, reach their potential, and live their ideal life.

Carmen writes, “Your quality of life can significantly increase if you truly desire it. You simply must want something better for your life, your family’s life, and the life of your generations to come. Understand that what you have previously done to make a change may not have worked. Therefore, you have to adjust it in order to receive different results. I am sure you have heard it is insane to do the same thing over again but expect different results. It is time to get your sanity back.”

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