11, Jun 2024
Author Derrick Sims’s New Book The Stone Caster

Author Derrick Sims’s New Book The Stone Caster

Great Falls, SC, June 11, 2024 — Derrick Sims, a writer who has always been fascinated by fantasy fiction, has completed his new book, “The Stone Caster”: a gripping novel that follows the adventures of a mage who has been exiled from his community, and finds himself on a quest alongside his son born from his forbidden relationship with a human.

“This is the story of Da’Nik, a mage of dark skin who was banished for healing and having a relationship with a human female,” writes Sims. “Once banished and hunted, they had to separate for nearly a decade, Da’Nik then stumbles upon a human city and dwells outside of its walls. One day, Da’Nik meets a young boy named Kaiden and defends him from some harsh bullies, only to find out later on that the boy is the offspring of his forbidden relationship. Da’Nik then reunites with the boy and his mother to find a new life as a family, then things go wrong. They are ambushed by a new enemy, and the mother is injured and left behind, as the draining antimagic arrow used is impossible for Da’Nik to remove.

“Follow Da’Nik and Kaiden through a quest of many lands and many characters as they search for a new life and what new destinies might await. Defeating an unknown enemy, finding the mother, and mastering their own abilities are just a few trials that await these two on their adventure.”

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