19, Apr 2024
Author Gary Rothlein’s New Book Me and the Mental

Author Gary Rothlein’s New Book  Me and the Mental

Aurora, CO, April 19, 2024 — Gary Rothlein, who holds an associate of science in business administration degree from Colorado Technical University, has completed his new book, “Me and the Mental”: a poignant and deeply personal autobiographical account of the struggles the author was forced to endure, and how each of these experiences influenced the person he is today.

In “Me and the Mental,” author Gary Rothlein details each of these traumatic experiences documenting how they happened, insights, such as criticisms and personal evaluation, and how those experiences shaped his present. In certainty, there are different setting layouts from where these situations had taken place and, geographically, they occur in the states of California and Colorado. His writings are very descriptive and try to share his message that conflict can happen, and only personal strength can move one forward.

Rothlein shares, “From my later adolescent years to earlier adult years, I had to undergo major breakdown episodes relating to life alterations. These episodes occurred in the years 2015, 2016, and 2018. In every way I can think of, the situations changed a major form of my life.”

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