9, Jul 2024
Author Joel Sansone’s New Book Blue Book

Author Joel Sansone’s New Book Blue Book

Coral Springs, FL, July 09, 2024 — Joel Sansone has completed his new book, “Blue Book”: a gripping tale that dives into the gritty world of Rick LeKashi, a former police officer and unlikely hero who, after surviving a vicious assault that left him in a coma for two years, awakens with a newfound strength and purpose.

“He is no ex-Delta team and never was a CIA assassin,” writes Sansone. “He is a true hero and ex-police officer. He was born and bred in the East New York section of Brooklyn. He was attacked and left for dead by a group of still unknown assailants.

“After two years in a coma, he has awakened and is bigger and stronger than ever. In addition to being a heroic police officer, he is also a bookie. Yes, he is guilty of running an illegal bookmaker business. Most of his clients in the bookie business are fellow police, firemen, and other New York State employees. Now the adventure starts for Rick LeKashi. He is back, and though he cannot wear a badge, he can still serve and protect the people of New York in his own way.

“Some may say he is a vigilante, but he considers himself a lucky guy that is able to live a somewhat normal life after his attack. Now he is content being a bookie and working out to rebuild his physical attributes. He works hard at rebuilding himself as a man and as a bookie. He is able with the help of his ex-bosses to consider opening his own private investigation business. This way, he gets to feel more like a cop. He needs it because he is always in the middle of some sort of trouble. It’s like he is a magnet for trouble, and he never walks away. He is a stand-up good guy, even though most of his money comes from being a bookie.”

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