19, Apr 2024
Author Lorine Sutherland’s New Book The Sweetest Music

Author Lorine Sutherland’s New Book The Sweetest Music

New York, NY, April 19, 2024 — Lorine Sutherland, a loving mother and grandmother who appreciates family togetherness and is passionate about music, has completed her new book, “The Sweetest Music”: a gripping novel that follows the journey of Misty McAnn, a young girl who must deals with the outcome of her choice between her father and her family or the chance to live out her dreams.

“‘The Sweetest Music’ takes you back to your childhood in a world of discipline and judgment,” shares Sutherland. “Through the ages of growth, determination and self-recognition become a main focus as you mature into an adult. There will be trials, disappointments, and regrets we learn to accept and accommodate through our youth into adulthood. In a time when we want to please our family and make them proud of our every decision and endeavor comes misunderstanding and lack of patience and trust; all the while, we must stay focused on our dreams. The dreams we want to live in that also comes with sacrifice. We will experience childhood happiness.

“A father’s pride to a teenager focused on her hopes and dreams to falling in love with the wrong family and betraying a father’s pride and trust led to making her own way without the support of her family; she lives her dream before she realizes what has happened to find a new meaning of family and support to supplement the pain of being without her family and her love. Through all the sacrifices will came great reward of dreams come true and learning to trust.”

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