25, Feb 2023
“BYJU’S Education for All has helped me take one step closer to my dream of becoming a lawyer”, says 16-year-old Nehal*

Hoskote, 25 February 2023: An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. The story of 16-year-old Nehal* from Hoskote, Karnataka is a living testament of that. Nehal is a promising student at the Government School in Bagepalli and dreams of becoming a lawyer when she grows up. Hailing from a lower socio-economic background, Nehal was far from the resources that could help study her better to achieve her dream. However, with the support of NGO Right to Live, she was introduced to BYJU’S premium, high-quality digital learning programs through which she has been continuing her learning journey, free of cost.

Coming from a family that struggles economically, Nehal understands the importance of education and is determined to make a difference in society where injustice often prevails. Her father, the sole breadwinner brings home a meager income, just enough to help the family break even. In such a situation, it was difficult for Nehal to ask her parents for additional resources to support her education. But with the seamless access to content on BYJU’S app, she has been able to continue her learning journey, thanks to BYJU’S Education For All and NGO Right to Live.

Once struggling to source the right study materials, Nehal now practices often and works through her doubts in all subjects on the BYJU’S learning app. With the help of personalized learning content available, she is now able to study regularly and decode difficult concepts. Not limiting the benefits of the app to herself, Nehal shares the content with her friends, who have also improved their understanding of the subjects. With the courses available to them in Kannada, Nehal and her friends have been finding it extremely easy to clear their doubts without any challenges.

While painting and drawing are her hobbies, Nehal’s true passion lies in pursuing law and fighting against injustices in her society. “I want to become a lawyer one day and make a difference in our society. I want to help my family and other families in Hoskote and make justice affordable to them. I’m so happy that Right To Live introduced me to BYJU’S Education For All, as it has immensely helped me study well as well as help my classmates. Content on BYJU’S app has greatly strengthened my learning foundation and cleared doubts in math and science easily, in a personalized manner. I can now learn regularly and prepare well for my exams with innovative, fun quizzes and tests provided on the app,” says Nehal.

Launched in 2020, BYJU’S flagship social impact initiative ‘Education for All’ aims at bringing about a positive systemic change to the education ecosystem. With a mission to empower 10 million underprivileged children by 2025, the initiative has already impacted 5.5 million children in the remotest corners of the country through 175+ NGOs across 400 districts. Reinforcing its dedication to providing girls with an equal opportunity to learn, nearly 50% of the beneficiaries of BYJU’S Education for All programs are girls.

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