17, Oct 2023
Empowering Success: Narayana Group’s “Safalta ka Rasta” Inspires Class 10 Students!

Bangalore, 17/10/2023 – Bangalore Zone of Narayana Group of Schools has taken another leap in its mission to empower students with knowledge, purpose, and confidence. A special session, “Safalta ka Rasta,” was organized for Class 10 students, and it turned out to be a resounding success with over 1,000 enthusiastic Narayanites.

The highlight of this event was the presence and inspiration provided by the Director, Ms. Sharani Ponguru. Her words ignited the flames of motivation in the hearts of the students, fostering a sense of determination and zeal.

Subject experts were on hand to address the students’ queries, providing clarity on various subjects and easing the burden of uncertainty in their studies. Additionally, a dedicated career guidance session opened a window into the myriad opportunities and possibilities that await the students as they plan for their futures.


One of the most noteworthy outcomes of the session was that students could effectively mind-map their paths towards success. The event succeeded in shedding light on holistic development and career planning, delivering a clear roadmap to students aspiring for greatness.

“Narayana Group is committed to nurturing young minds, providing them with the resources and inspiration to reach their full potential,” said Ms. Sharani Ponguru, Director of Narayana Group. “The ‘Safalta ka Rasta’ session is just one of our many initiatives aimed at guiding students toward success in all aspects of life.”

The enthusiastic participation and impactful learning experiences of students during the event were a testament to Narayana Group’s ongoing mission to provide quality education and holistic development for all.

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