22, Feb 2024
Call for Papers and Performances: International Performing Arts Conference at World University of Design

Mumbai / DELHI-NCR/February 22, 2024: World University of Design invites submissions of papers and performances for its upcoming International Performing Arts Conference aimed at fostering thought-provoking discussions, academic presentations, and artistic expressions contributing to the ongoing dialogue between tradition and modernity within the Indian Knowledge System. The papers and the performances will be presented on the 9th and 10th of May at the Triveni Auditorium in Delhi, the event seeks to affirm the significance of academic endeavors in the realm of performing arts.

Under the banner of its first conference ANVESHA, the university endeavors to facilitate collaborations between artists and technologists. This initiative aims to push the boundaries of creativity while preserving the essence of cultural heritage. ANVESHA is poised to serve as a platform for discussion and idea exchange, facilitating networking opportunities among researchers, artists, technologists, choreographers, and enthusiasts, both nationally and internationally. The conference will also serve to inspire young scholars and students in the field.

The conference framework emphasizes the integration of dance and/or performing arts within various creative disciplines of design, including architecture, technology, visual arts, and fashion, as well as aspects of political and social activism, heritage creation and preservation, and international geopolitics.

In the long run, the organizers seek to contribute to the ongoing discourse on tradition and modernity within the Indian Knowledge System, propel dance into the future, and promote academic research on various facets of Indian classical dance. Accepted papers will be published in an ISBN book of proceedings, and individual E-Certificates will be awarded to registered authors.

Prof.(Dr.)Parul Purohit Vats (Dean, School of Performing Arts, WUD) remarked, “In today’s world, performing arts education is a beacon of creativity, critical thinking, and cultural appreciation. Conferences like ANVESHANA blend tradition with innovation, showing how our heritage inspires modern expression. We aim to spark youth interest, showcasing diverse career paths in this dynamic field.”

The inaugural edition of the conference is organized by the Performing Arts department of the World University of Design under the guidance of an academic expert committee comprising heads of various international institutions and esteemed academicians from institutions such as the India International Performing Arts Centre Singapore, Pagrav Dance Company UK, Shoebox Arts Productions Inc. Calgary, Canada, and Center Mandapa, Paris, among others, indicating a high level of international involvement and collaboration.

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