9, Jul 2024
Kara Perkins and Lindsey Powell’s New Book, Southbound
Kara Perkins and Lindsey Powell’s New Book, Southbound
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Farmville, VA, July 09, 2024 — Fulton Books authors Kara Perkins, M.C.D., CCC-SLP and Lindsey Powell, M.C.D., CCC-SLP, who both hold a master’s degree in communication disorders and primarily work with school-age children as a speech-language pathologist, have completed their most recent book, “Southbound”: a charming tale that centers around a mouse named Freddy who must navigate his first winter while also setting off on an adventure of friendship and self-discovery.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, author Kara Perkins believes that beauty can be found just about anywhere. Her love of nature, art, and children’s literature is often infused into her therapy sessions, as these topics provide an opportunity for rich speech-language targets and learning opportunities.

Born in Virginia and currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, author Lindsey Powell can often be found playing with her two corgis, spending time with her husband, spending time outside, doing puzzles, or traveling with friends. As a former teacher, Lindsey loves to incorporate curriculum standards into her therapy sessions to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom. She loves to write stories that are engaging to children and that align with science and social studies standards.

“Freddy awakens one morning to a commotion outside his burrow,” writes Perkins and Powell. “When a migrating flock of geese announces that the bitter chill of winter is on its way, the young mouse is faced with a big decision to travel south with the geese or remain in the comfort of his home. While the flock’s plan to escape the chilly weather sounds like a good idea, this adventure may be more than Freddy bargained for.

“During this frosty season, Freddy encounters a variety of woodland characters. Some of them seem nice enough while others are, perhaps, a little less pleasant. Freddy begins to realize that each creature has its own unique rhythm to life and he’s not sure where he fits it.”

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