27, Feb 2023
Navrachana University hosts 3rd edition of TEDxNUV


Navrachana University hosts 3rd edition of TEDxNUVVadodara: Renowned speakers from various fields shared their experiences with participants at the third edition of TEDxNUV organised by Navrachana University, the region’s premier multi-disciplinary private university, on Sunday.

The latest edition of TEDxNUV was organised on the theme “unxplored”, encouraging speakers and attendees to delve into topics that have not been widely discussed or studied and to present new perspectives and insights.

“The objective of TEDxNUV on the ‘unxplored’ theme was to invite speakers to talk about diverse topics that are not yet popular in public discourse. We are thankful to Navrachana University for the successful conference,” said Ravi Sevak, Licensee and Organiser of TEDxNUV and Program Chair, Mechanical Engineering at Navrachana University.

The speakers at TEDxNUV spoke on a range of topics and themes, including the challenges they faced during their journey, how they overcame the struggles, and much more.

“At Navrachana University, we believe that learning is not limited to the four walls of the classroom. The objective of TEDxNUV was to give our students an opportunity to listen to the unique experiences of the distinguished speakers and learn from them and be inspired by their success stories,” said Shilpa Thacker, Admin and Finance In-charge at TEDxNUV and Manager, Communication at Navrachana University.

Among the speakers, screenwriter and lyricist Niren Bhatt spoke about life as a creative professional and how he handled constant rejections and subsequently success. Master artisan Pabiben Rabari shared her journey from a local to a global entrepreneur. Music therapist and Ayurvedic practitioner Dr. Kedar Upadhyay addressed the audience on the topic of music and its healing power.

Among other speakers, academician Raghava Krishna spoke about civilizational design thinking, while entrepreneur Kartikey Hariyani shared his thoughts on the future of electric mobility. Sai Chandrasekhar of NGO Agastya International Foundation spoke on the impact of lack of curiosity among children.

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