16, Nov 2023
Newton School of Technology joins hands with MBAtrek to reshape Future of Work in Technology Domain

Bengaluru, 16th November 2023 Taking their commitment to leading unconventional outcome-driven tech education space to a new high, Bengaluru-based neo-university Newton School announced its collaboration with MBAtrek, a leading career development and nurturing firm.

This partnership marks a milestone moment for Newton School of Technology (NST) as it further bolsters NST’s innovative and holistic approach to building next-gen tech leaders by providing industry-relevant education and addressing the critical need for both technical and soft skills in the tech industry. The joint cohort has been exclusively curated for the students opting for NST’s first-ever offline Undergraduate Program in Computer Science launched earlier this year at Rishihood University, Sonipat.

The curriculum, promises an in-depth exploration – with a focus on communication, management skills, structured thinking, problem-solving, and self-development. It offers the students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have an extensive soft skill learning experience with MBAtrek especially designed to prepare the students to thrive in today’s dynamic industry. With a combination of online modules, live webinars, workshops, and in-person coaching sessions, students can choose the format that suits their learning style and schedule.

Students will also have the privilege to connect with industry experts, alumni, and peers from distinguished companies like Google, Amazon, Flipkart, Ernst & Young, Master Card, Netflix, Uber, Swiggy, and Magicbricks through MBAtrek’s community, expanding their professional network. This collaboration is a significant addition to the existing curriculum of NST’s Undergraduate Program in Computer Science, which is designed to complement world-class tech education.

Nishant Chandra Co-founder, of Newton School, said “Soft skill training is crucial for any course as it has considerable implications on curving the road ahead for the students. The tech industry in India has long faced a significant challenge where tech graduates scramble to upskill themselves due to a lack of adequate soft skill sets. This often leads to high rejection rates in job interviews, underscoring a vital need for a comprehensive educational approach. Newton School of Technology, recognizing this gap, has taken a proactive step to bridge it through this pioneering partnership.

The educational structure of this joint B.Tech. program ensures sufficient depth in the subject areas with adequate width in soft skill sets enabling students to obtain a holistic learning experience. The program aims at instilling entrepreneurial vision and competency in students and is in sync with our larger vision of cultivating entrepreneurial spirits in each and every student.”

“As the Edtech and Education system evolves – core power skills and employability at both a local and global level has become front and centre of skilling and education. We at MBAtrek are excited about the potential and scale of the partnership with Newton School of Technology (Newton School) and their leadership in recognizing that employability and skilling are multi-layered and multi-dimensional – this is a great sign for the industry as major players pave the way forward,” said Abhishek Srivastava, CEO and Co-Founder, MBAtrek.

MBAtrek’s expert-led course empowers students to boost their job prospects through self-awareness and skill enhancement. The program provides knowledge to upskill one’s talent in early career stages across various power and technical areas essential for career preparation. Newton School’s unique course includes various steps to garner student interest, such as building interactive sessions with new-age media, Voice note-based AMA evening Q&A sessions to build trust and transparency, creating unique multi-stage competitions designed to generate leads for engagement sessions, and hosting interactive Industry practitioner-led sessions to enhance professional connections and pave the way for exciting career prospects.

Siddharth Maheshwari Co-founder, of Newton School, said “During the launch of our 4-year Residential Undergraduate Program in Computer Science we had committed to introduce skill-based learning as an essential feature of the program to bring in a significant shift in EdTech sector. The partnership with MBAtrek is a testament to that commitment which aims at building well-rounded graduates and nurturing them into industry-ready and relevant professionals of tomorrow. MBAtrek is known for its character development, instilling hope, fostering a positive attitude, and enhancing skills and enthusiasm. Through this joint program we aim to shape global leaders of tomorrow who will be a perfect blend of entrepreneurship competency and strategic insights and can contribute to the dynamic job market seamlessly.”

“The MBAtrek sessions have helped me realize my true potential to a great extent and parts of my personality I didn’t think existed. The group activities helped me evaluate situations more deeply, structure my thinking, and put up a concrete output. In the quiz, a lot of the questions were quite unique. I wanted to challenge myself and hence took up extra questions. All in all, these sessions will give us the right practical exposure required.” Manish Kumar, NST student

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