17, Oct 2023
‘presspsych Palooza’ Illuminates Iilm University With Intellectual and Cultural Flair

‘presspsych Palooza' Illuminates Iilm University With Intellectual and Cultural Flair

New Delhi, 17th October 2023:IILM University wrapped up its five-day event, ‘PressPsych Palooza’, organized by the School of Liberal Arts, marking a blend of intellectual discussions and cultural performances.

An IILM spokesperson Professor Aditi Gupta, English Literature, Journalism, and Communication, said, “The success of ‘PressPsych Palooza’ reinforces our vision of fostering an environment that champions academic excellence alongside cultural enrichment. With this initiative, we aim to cultivate curiosity and creative thinking, equipping our students to thrive in an ever-evolving world. Going forward, we will continue to host such events to shape the change agents and managers of the future.”

The event kicked off on October 9 with a lamp-lighting ceremony followed by an address from the chancellor and vice-chancellor. The day witnessed a classical dance, a panel discussion on ‘Media Influence on Youth Drug Abuse’ featuring Mr. Mohit Priyadarshi and Dr. Anoop Kumar Koileri, and concluded with the play ‘Lights Out’.

October 10, managed by the Psychology and Mass Media and Communications department, included a musical start, an expert talk on the PR Industry by Mr. Sanjiv Singh, Founder of PR Mantra a photography contest overseen by Ms. Riya David, and a Dance Movement Therapy workshop by Ms. Tripura Kashyap.

The third day, October 11, commenced with Prof. Shrikrishan’s keynote on the recent G20 summit. A panel discussion on ‘Perspectives on Mental Health’ with experts Dr. Vikram Singh Panwar, Ms. Namrata Upadhyay, and Ms. Nishtha Agarwal followed. The day also featured a street play and inputs by theatre artists Mr. Parth Sharma and Ms. Priya Lanka on psychological ethics.

On October 12, attendees saw a performance by IILM University Dance Society- Oormi, a photography session by Mr. Shahjahan, a Bharatanatyam display, and a panel involving journalists Ms. Nidhi Razdan and Ms. Shailjaa Vajpayee discussing the media industry.

The final day, October 13, began with a musical performance by the Swaraag Society. It included the “Kissa Goi” contest, NGO stalls by ‘Goonj’ and ‘Swahaa Foundation’, a panel discussion featuring Ms. Somya Lakhani and Ms. Bhavna Mahajan, and wrapped up with a flash mob and a valedictory address by Dr. Sadaf Khalid.

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