Students in Art festival
23, Feb 2023
Students of Orchids The International School exhibit creativity at the Children’s Art Fest

Bangalore, 23.02.2023: The Children’s Art Festival, organized by Orchids The International School, was held on the 17th,18th, and 19th of February 2023 at Karnataka Trade Promotion Organization at Whitefield.

The mega event was a culmination of all art forms that the students have learned over the academic year- Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual art. The students got an opportunity to exhibit their talent. Nearly 15000 students and parents gathered during the three-day event.

The objective of the event was to provide students with a bigger platform to showcase their talent, thus boosting their confidence and self-esteem. The students displayed amazing moves in the well-choreographed dance and street play performance, touched on some sensitive social topics, and displayed a clear conceptual understanding of various sub-domains of art forms and applied knowledge of stage and props in the theater.

The musical performances were a blend of both vocal and instrumental melodies. The DIY student-led workstation included woodwork, soap & candle making, and clay modeling, which was well appreciated by the audience. Visual Art workstations, also led by the students, had multiple counters like texture painting, coffee art, Gondh art, and live painting; parents and students enthusiastically tried their hands at these workstations.

Every student performed in two art forms and seamlessly moved from one stage to another, showing the immaculate planning by the organizers. The entire show was put together by the talented team of teachers and leaders of Orchids The International School.”

Speaking about the success of the event, Dr. Madhuri Sagale, VP-Academics at Orchids The International School said, “At Orchids, we firmly believe that art plays an essential role in nurturing and showcasing students’ creativity. We facilitate various art-based programs and curriculum activities throughout the year, encouraging students to explore their artistic inclinations. The art festival provided an open platform to showcase students’ dance performances, street plays, skits, musical routines, visual arts, DIY exhibitions, and live workshops. We wanted our parents to have a memorable experience and to see their child’s creative side. We believe such an experience can be a source of joy for parents and children alike.”

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