29, Jul 2023
Apollo Hospitals in Bengaluru successfully removed a 7.0+ cm kidney stone from a patient with “Moses technology” (Moses2.0)

Bengaluru, July 29, 2023: Doctors at Apollo Hospitals in Seshadripuram, Bengaluru, successfully removed a 7.2 cm kidney stone using an innovative new minimally invasive Holmium laser with ‘Moses Technology (Moses2.0). According to doctors at Apollo Hospitals, it is the most unusual case in which a large kidney stone has been removed using RIRS and Moses technology.

The patient, a 65 + year-old lady, used to have recurrent flank pain for 1 year, and on evaluation, she was found to have large kidney stones measuring 7.0 + cm, producing a staghorn pattern calculus. Her case was a challenging one, as she had four other co-morbid conditions like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, hypertension, and a cardiac condition with a post TAVI procedure (cardiac procedure) and was on blood thinners (Antiplatelet agents: ecosprin and clopilet). Her condition was challenging in that the stone was large (occupying 2/3 of the kidney and upper ureter) and associated with comorbidity as mentioned above, and moreover, the patient was taking blood thinners (which makes the invasive surgery next to impossible).

Dr. T. Manohar, Chief Urologist & Transplant surgeon, Apollo Hospitals, Seshadripuram said, “We took up this challenging case at our hospital and promised her a ray of hope. With our team and technical experts, we have decided to go ahead with the procedure using the new Moses 2.0 technology. The huge kidney stone was cleared with only minimal incisions and minimal blood loss. The patient is doing well after the operation and is on the path to recovery.”

The currently available treatment for such large stones is PCNL (where the kidney is punctured and stones are removed through 2-3 holes), which might lead to severe bleeding and incomplete clearance. She was advised to undergo conservative management by several other specialists. Also, it requires multiple staged procedures if done via conventional methods. On seeing the success rates and benefits of “Moses technology” (Moses 2.0), Dr. T. Manohar added, “The new stone age era has arrived for Uro Sciences.”

Speaking on the success of this urology case, Mr. Uday Davda, COO, Apollo Hospitals, Seshadripuram, said, “The doctors at Apollo Hospitals, Seshadripuram, Bengaluru, have been at the forefront in using advanced technologies in medical science. Till date, we have successfully removed more than 1200 kidney stones, and among them, more than 500 were large kidney stones, varying in size from 2.5 cm to 6.2 cm. This large stone (7.0 + cm) is treated by RIRS and Moses technology.”

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