16, Aug 2023
EndoGlow Revolutionizes Fluorescence-Guided Minimally Invasive Surgery with the GreenEgg™ Fluorescent Manipulator

EndoGlow Revolutionizes Fluorescence-Guided Minimally Invasive Surgery with the GreenEgg™ Fluorescent Manipulator

Rochester, NY, August 16, 2023– EndoGlow, a pioneering medical technology company, proudly announces the launch of its breakthrough product, the GreenEgg™ fluorescent manipulator. Designed to revolutionize fluorescence-guided minimally invasive surgeries, the GreenEgg™ brings a new level of capability and innovation to the field of surgical visualization and manipulation.

With its innovative Tissue Reveal Technology, the GreenEgg™ represents the only fluorescent manipulator on the market. The GreenEgg™ facilitates the manipulation and visualization of tissues during laparoscopic and robotic surgeries that incorporate near-infrared imaging. By providing fluorescent transillumination, the GreenEgg™ unlocks unparalleled insights for surgeons, enhancing their capabilities in gynecological, urological, and colorectal surgeries.

Traditionally, fluorescent-guided surgeries have been dependent on injectable dyes like ICG. Challenging the conventional notion that surgical fluorescence requires injections, EndoGlow’s Tissue Reveal Technology distinctively integrates fluorescence directly into surgical instruments. Tissue Reveal Technology provides injection-free fluorescence and does not require external power sources or batteries. By breaking free from the constraints of ICG, this innovation expands the types of procedures where fluorescence can be implemented and broadens the scope of how fluorescence can be used.

Dr. Paula Doyle, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and founder of EndoGlow, shared her excitement, stating, “The GreenEgg™ is a testament to our commitment to advancing medical technology. With its embedded fluorescence, aka Tissue Reveal Technology, we are expanding how surgeons utilize fluorescence-guided procedures. There are approximately 4.7 million global robotic and laparoscopic procedures annually that will benefit from the use of the GreenEgg™.”

As the global medical community looks toward the future of surgery, the GreenEgg™ represents a pivotal step forward for minimally invasive surgeries, enhancing the visualization of anatomical borders and tissue pathology. For more information about the GreenEgg™ and its transformative capabilities, please visit www.endoglow.com.

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