21, Feb 2023
Eye Square Highlights the Importance of Smartphone Eye Tracking in Its Latest Report

Mumbai, 21  February 2023: eye square, an innovative market research company, recently carried out a survey with its partner Oculid, inviting 100 US participants to record data by making use of real InContext Research and eye-tracking analysis on the participant’s personal smartphones at home to explore different usage scenarios.

Additionally, the report highlighted that Americans spend 200+ minutes daily on social media, which is increasingly relevant for advertising and online shopping. It also provided insight showing that 66 percent of all searches on social media platforms tend to happen on mobile phones.

Volga Benjamin Fernandez, Director (India), eye square, said, “The case study presents us with the opportunity to highlight several benefits of mobile eye-tracking software to brands and how it can enable them to grow without breaching any privacy concern of the customers. Further, it sets the right tone for the brands present in India and how they can use the expertise of eye square and get insights into what the customers see, think, feel and do and what makes the difference.”

The report showcased how eye-tracking software can enable brands to see the real consumer behavior of customers on their personal devices. The use of eye-tracking software presents brands with quality control and analysis beforehand so that the results can be accessed immediately, reducing the waiting time since all recordings can be done simultaneously.

The report lays down a strong map filed for the eye tracking software to be utilized in the Indian digital advertising ecosystem from the brands due to the increase in internet and smartphone penetration, rising e-commerce and online transactions, favorable government policies, increased consumer trust in online shopping and growing middle-class with higher disposable income.

Furthermore, the report highlighted combining implicit methods and in context technology environments like Amazon, Instagram, or YouTube sandboxes make eye-tracking live up to its best, allowing brands to measure the effects the ads compare them automatically over groups and designs instantly.

According to recent studies, the average time an Indian spends on social media daily is approximately 3 hours. Online shopping and advertisements account for a large portion of social media usage in India, according to some studies. In India, social media usage has seen a rapid increase in recent years. This is estimated that a considerable amount of screen time is dedicated to viewing advertisements and shopping online.

In the context of the Indian market, eye square will present brands with insights on digital advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., allowing them to customize their ads in accordance with the specific target audience and advertising goals of the business consumer preferences on the respective platforms.

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