17, Aug 2023
Introducing Cultured Health: Empowering Wellness Through Cultural Connection

Introducing Cultured Health: Empowering Wellness Through Cultural Connection

Boston, MA, August 17, 2023 –Cultured Health, formerly known as Culturd, is proud to announce its transformative evolution from an innovative platform to a groundbreaking movement in the health and wellness industry. Founded by husband-and-wife team Sue-Ellen Anderson-Haynes, RDN, and Michael Haynes, Cultured Health was inspired by their profound belief in the power of nutrition and cultural connections to drive positive health outcomes.

The platform’s initial mission, to match individuals with registered dietitians who understand their unique cultural backgrounds, laid the foundation for a revolutionary approach to access to medical nutrition therapy. Now, as Cultured Health, the company is taking its mission to new heights, expanding its vision beyond the app to build a diverse, health-focused community of end users and expert dietitians with cultural affiliations from every corner of the globe. This inclusive approach aims to bridge the gap in healthcare disparities and contribute to the fight against lifestyle- and diet-related diseases that are on the rise.

Witnessing firsthand the cultural disconnect between nutrition professionals and their clients, registered dietitian Sue-Ellen Anderson-Haynes, and her husband, Michael Haynes, have rebuilt Cultured Health into a revolutionary movement. Through the app, users are assessed and matched with registered dietitians who accommodate their dietary needs and embrace their cultural practices, native foods and spices, language, religious influences, and traditional food preparations. This approach ensures that users receive relevant and feasible nutritional advice, considering their cultural heritage and food choices.

“Cultured Health is more than just an app; it is a global initiative to foster better health through cultural understanding and inclusivity,” said Sue-Ellen Anderson-Haynes. “Our vision is to empower individuals from diverse communities to achieve their wellness goals while celebrating their cultural identities.”

Cultured Health aims to partner with community organizations and corporate entities to drive impactful change in the health and wellness industry. Cultured Health seeks to break down barriers and address healthcare disparities that disproportionately affect underserved communities by collaborating with organizations that share their vision.

“We believe that when health experts and patients share cultural connections, it opens up new channels for communication and trust,” added Michael Haynes. “Through our platform, programs, and partnerships, we want to create a compassionate, supportive, and culturally sensitive environment that fosters positive health outcomes for everyone.”

The company’s name change to Cultured Health reflects its expanded mission and commitment to promoting positive and personalized nutritional journeys. The platform’s growth and evolution emphasize its dedication to making nutrition and health more accessible to diverse communities worldwide.

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