Sunteck Realty organises Healthcare Camp
14, Feb 2023
Sunteck Realty organises Healthcare Camp for Underserved Children in Naigaon

Mumbai, 14th February 2023: Sunteck Realty, a Mumbai-based premium luxury real estate developer, organized a Healthcare Camp at Naigaon to observe National Deworming Day in collaboration with Human Welfare Charitable Trust and Samhita Social ventures. The initiative is a part of Sunteck Realty’s pioneering ESG project, Sunteck Saathi’s community engagement program. The goal of this medical camp was to deliver preventive healthcare to over 200 underprivileged children in a shelter home. The healthcare camp included general physician examinations, dental examinations, and eye examinations. The camp was organized in the vicinity of the Naigaon shelter home with a specialty team of doctors and allied staff.

Anupma Khetan, Customer Experience Evangelist for Sunteck Realty, commented on the project by saying, “Children are the future of the nation; therefore, they need to be cared for. Given that they will be the ones to lead India toward the path of success, children should live in an environment that is both healthy and environmentally sustainable. So, in light of our nation’s bright future, this is our company’s small contribution.”

The United Nations Global Compact and the Government of India have recognized HWCT (Human Welfare Charitable Trust), which primarily focuses on education and skill development for children, youth, and women in Mumbai and rural Maharashtra. Kalpesh Kabra, Founder and Trustee of HWCT India Foundation said, “We are grateful that Sunteck Realty has supported our children receive medical check-ups from specialized doctors, dental surgeons, and ophthalmologists.

Priya Naik, Founder, and CEO at Samhita Social Ventures say Proactive healthcare screening is the first step towards good health and well-being. Identifying healthcare issues during the formative years of children is critical since it directly impacts their cognitive abilities. This intervention is a stepping stone towards improving the health of the future of our country.

Sunteck Realty, in association with Human Welfare Charitable Trust also organized the Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) session on the importance of good nutrition and a balanced diet for children. Mothers and other kid guardians were invited to the session in order to improve the uptake of this information. A therapeutic link will also be established for those detected with ailments or issues.

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