7, May 2024
Arthat Studio’s sets up its latest sculpture at ONGC’s IPSHEM campus

Arthat Studio’s sets up its latest sculpture at ONGC’s IPSHEM campus

Mumbai, 07th May 2024: Arthat Studio, an artist collective and experiential agency, known for anamorphic art installations and for the practice of anamorphosis in India has completed its most recent work at ONGC IPSHEM Campus in Goa.

The sculptures are created from scrap metal sourced from ONGC’s operations, inspired by the theme of Samudra Manthan (Churning of the Ocean), stand as powerful symbols of the company’s ethos and services. Each sculpture intricately captures the essence of the mythological tale, depicting celestial beings and demons engaged in the cosmic endeavour to extract the elixir of life – oil.

Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, showcase the fusion of creativity and sustainability, as they repurpose industrial waste into stunning works of art. Just as the Devas and Asuras worked in harmony to churn the ocean, ONGC harnesses cutting-edge technology and expertise to extract oil responsibly, ensuring the vitality of communities and industries.

Speaking on its latest work, Co-Founders of Arthat Studio – Jitendra Patel, Ashok Namdev and Deval Vala commented, “We are immensely grateful to ONGC for providing us with this opportunity and allowing us to create these unique sculptures. The creative freedom which they provide helps us explore the possibilities with their scrap.”

“Creating sculptures from scrap metal was quite a challenge considering the timeline we had. But pre-planning and client support motivated us to achieve the desired output within the deadline. To make all the sculptures of the Samudra Manthan theme, we took overall 95 days and a team of 25 artisans and 120 fabricators”, said Hiren Masharu, Chief Operation Officer at Arthat Studio.

Dr. Debasish Mukherjee, Chief Corporate Communications, ONGC said, “These sculptures serve as visual abstractions of ONGC’s commitment to People and the Planet. Visitors here can catch a glimpse of ONGC’s integral role as an energy anchor of India. The Samudra Manthan-themed sculptures crafted from ONGC-used scrap, brings alive ONGC’s dedication to sustainable practices while seeking national energy independence. In a way, this makes the organic connect between rich Indian mythology and modern-day energy delivery quite relevant.”

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