9, Dec 2023
Cientra and Invas join hands to build groundbreaking 5G IoT solutions for Agriculture and Mining Industries

Bengaluru, 9th December 2023– Cientra, an Indian multi-national product solutions company, and Invas, a market leader in telecom testing have announced a strategic alliance to develop innovative wireless sensors and actuators for sectors including Mining and Agriculture. The collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate and optimize the functionalities of Cientra’s 5G platform with Invas’s cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The principal aim of this initiative is to instigate a paradigm shift in the agricultural and mining industries of the country through the guarantee of optimal IoT device quality while upholding the security and integrity of the 5G network.

By capitalizing on Cientra’s edge as a 5G platform portfolio and Invas’s IoT capabilities, the two organizations will engage in a collaborative effort to develop solutions and go-to-market offers that bolster the security and identity of 5G networks. This will enable the expansion of potential applications of Internet of Things (IoT) systems, particularly in sectors such as agriculture and mining where edge computing and IoT solutions are in increasing demand. Businesses that adopt the Internet of Things (IoT) face obstacles pertaining to device registration on 5G networks in terms of security and identification. The organizations shall implement 5G security functionalities and 5G standard authentication to conduct real-time data insight monitoring and predictive maintenance, thereby overcoming these challenges and enhancing security

“Our 5G business initiatives are being expedited in order to provide a robust portfolio of repeatable solutions that can be customized to satisfy the needs of our customers for such solutions. We wholeheartedly concur with our esteemed Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, that India possesses the capacity to actively participate in the advancement and integration of technologies, rather than merely consuming the same. At this moment, the digital revolution in India is at a critical turning point.” said Anil Kempanna, CEO of Cientra

“Our solution’s service-based architecture (5G 3GPP) has the potential to transition to 6G and subsequent generations. We’re doubling down on Invas’s IoT capabilities to take it one notch higher,” continued Anil. “What we’re doing is, in pursuit of enhancing our customers’ satisfaction and addressing the growing demand for organizations to equip or retrofit with the necessary connectivity and visibility to securely optimize daily business operations, we are leveraging the complete capabilities of Invas to mobilize our collective expertise and knowledge.”

This collaboration focuses explicitly on developing IoT device sensors and actuators for a variety of applications, including smart farming and mining. These items are tested alongside a vast array of other products. An IoT/mobile application and web interface will be enabled for farmers and miners, allowing them to remotely control actuators and gain real-time insights into their field operations including faster detection of leaks, allowing them to respond to issues instantaneously. Wireless humidity, temperature, and water level readings, in addition to water flow control via wireless solenoid actuators and pumps, are a few of the critical data that these solutions will capture and facilitate via 2G/4G/5G/Wi-Fi/Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) connections.

Cientra is at the forefront of 5G application platform initiatives due to its innovative offering to process and use large amounts of data and user-friendly interface. We are delighted to collaborate with them in order to facilitate the smooth transition of our clientele to this IoT-as-a-Service paradigm, enabling them to promptly experience the advantageous outcomes for their enterprises.” said Neeraj Dhawan, Managing Director of INVAS

With this alliance, both companies collaboratively aim to revolutionize the IoT and 5G landscape especially for the Agriculture and Mining industries with complete solutions for real-time monitoring of the field through the use of a network of low-power sensors and actuators controlled remotely by the Smartkheti Website and Mobile Application

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