8, May 2024
Get Ready for Some Mother’s Day Magic at Skyview by Empyrean

Get Ready for Some Mother's Day Magic at Skyview by Empyrean

Mumbai: May 08, 2024 – When it comes to mothers, there is no denying that children will go to any lengths to bring that priceless smile to their faces. This Mother’s Day, you can be assured that by treating your mom to a holiday at just one destination—Skyview by Empyrean in Sanget-Patnitop, Jammu—you will see her become a child again, indulging in some of the most fun and exciting activities! This premium mountain harbour blends adventure and luxury, offering guests a variety of unforgettable experiences. So, no matter what kind of person your mother is—a hard-core foodie, a sporty adventurer at heart, a chill queen, or a shopaholic—you’ll find something here that is sure to catch her fancy!

For The Moms Who Love Orbiting in The Food Universe

For mothers who’ve been constantly on their feet whipping up your favourite dishes with a sprinkle of love, this Mother’s Day is the perfect time to return the warmth and pamper her with some of the most memorable dining experiences. At the property’s Banana Leaf restaurant, which offers a wide range of authentic global and local cuisines, treat her to her most favourite Chinese, continental, or Indian dishes. Indulge her sweet tooth by savouring the to-die-for decadent desserts that will leave you with the perfect aftertaste. Try out the Skyview Café’s famous sizzlers while taking in some of the most breathtaking views of the Jammu valley. For Moms who want to just chill in their cozy room with a nice movie, room service is just a phone call away.

For The Sporty, Fit and Adventurous Mother

There is nothing to make a sporty, active mom happier than to take her on a holiday where adventure meets luxury! At this property, you become a part of the great outdoors, whether through the panoramic views of the majestic Pir Panjal range from your rooms or the scenic, mesmerising gondola ride that takes you up to the quaint hill station of Patnitop. Sharing other activities like Asia’s longest zigzag zipline, the magic carpet, tubing sledge, nature walks, curated trekking and camping itineraries, ATVs and biking trails will not only deepen your bond with her but also ensure you have a newfound respect for her for being such a sport!

For The Gleeful, Shopaholic Mother

If your mother is someone who loves to shop and makes window shopping look like serious business, the in-house ‘Hands of Gold’ store will just make her day! This store houses an exotic range of authentic, local products like paper-mache, leather bags, pashmina woollen stoles and shawls, Kashmiri saffron, shilajit, Kashmiri aari and sozni embroidered motifs, Kashmiri tilla embroidery in golden, raw, and flavoured honey, premix kahwa, and much more! These organic, handmade products are sourced locally from the region and are absolute marvels of craftsmanship. Gift her something special from the store in memory of the fabulous trip you both shared.

For The Mom Who Just Wants to Chill

We all know what overworked, overstressed, and underappreciated moms look and sound like! So, take this opportunity to allow her to take a break from the mundane madness of daily living and let her just unwind and soak in the laid-back charm of Skyview by Empyrean. Here, guests are treated to the region’s rich heritage and culture across the property. Let your mother sip her cup of tea against the backdrop of panoramic mountain views in warm and cozy interiors with unique dome-shaped roofs and elegant woodwork that reflect luxury and comfort. The property offers aesthetically designed rooms and suites with views of the mountain range and the gondola.

So, show your mother how much she means to you by planning this magical trip, and get ready to treat her to a holiday at Skyview by Empyrean that she’ll never forget!

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