7, Nov 2023
Hipi Unveils The Ultimate Dance Extravaganza: HipiDanceBattle

Mumbai, Nov 7, 2023 – Hipi, the ultimate destination for creativity and self-expression, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest dance challenge, #HipiDanceBattle. Following the immense success of the previous Hipi G.O.A.T, this new endeavour promises to captivate users with its rhythm, energy, and unbeatable groove.

The dance challenge invites users from all corners of the country to showcase their unique dance moves and creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or someone who just loves to move, this challenge is designed to bring people together through the universal language of dance.

What sets #HipiDanceBattle apart is its inclusivity and diversity. From professional dancers to first-time movers, everyone is encouraged to join the dance revolution. With a mission to unite people through the universal language of dance, Hipi invites users to participate in this epic celebration of rhythm and movement.

Participants will be provided the opportunity to present their dance prowess and secure a well-deserved place in the limelight. They will create and upload videos on Hipi, showcasing their talents while using specific theme-based monthly hashtags. A daily leaderboard will be in place, along with the recognition of two monthly winners and the ultimate grand winner. The mega showdown will unfold in the last 15 days of the challenge, culminating in a grand contest to crown the winner of the dance battle.

Hipi Dance Battle

Meet the Judges:

Aanchal Munjal kickstarts the #HipiDanceBattle with the first challenge – #AnyOneCanDance. Aanchal is a renowned actor with a lifelong presence on the screens. Her journey with Hipi began at its inception, where she has consistently amassed millions of views with her captivating content.

Following her lead, there is an esteemed panel of judges who will bring their expertise and discerning eye to evaluate the incredible performances in this season’s competition. Ishita Dutta is an accomplished actor with over a decade of lead roles in successful films and TV series, known for her outstanding performances in Drishyam and its sequel. Shivangi Khedkar, much known for her role in Mehndi Hai

Rachne Wali has won hearts with her short yet impressive career as an accomplished actor and a successful model. Sara Gurpal, already popular on Hipi, is a celebrated Punjabi singer and actor who has claimed numerous awards for her melodious voice. Swati Kapoor, another well-known Indian actor and model, features in Hindi films and TV shows. She is a well-established influencer with a substantial following on Hipi as well as other social media platforms.

Each of these judges will bring a unique perspective and passion for dance, making this season’s competition extremely exciting. Their collective experience and discernment will undoubtedly enrich the #HipiDanceBattle and set the stage for some incredible performances. Stay tuned for an exciting season ahead!

After five thrilling challenges that will showcase exceptional talent, the top 12 finalists will face off for an additional two weeks, vying for the prestigious title of ‘Dance Warrior’. Celebrity judges, the connoisseurs of dance, will carefully select the winner based on his/her incredible talent and the quality of their dance videos. A cash reward of Rs. 1 Lakh awaits the crowned champion of the Hipi Dance Battle.

But the opportunities do not end here; participants can win cash prizes daily by simply garnering likes on their challenge videos. “The Hipi Dance Battle offers a unique opportunity for India to experience the rich diversity of exceptional dance talents nationwide. This new challenge expects to uplift the lives of the talented individuals this country is home to. We hope that Hipi Dance Battle turns out to be as outstanding as Hipi G.O.A.T. 2 and Hipi Lip-sync Battle. The success of Dance Battle will underscore our dedication to fostering creative talent”, said Mr. GBS Bindra – Chief Business Officer of Hipi.

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