1, Nov 2023
Mona Jain to lead unified sales division in media transformation

Zee Media is all set to embark on a transformative journey that will redefine its customer service approach and elevate the overall client experience. In response to the ever-evolving media landscape, Zee Media is consolidating the Digital (Direct Revenue) and Linear sales functions, into a Unified Sales Division.

Taking the helm of the unified Sales Division is Mona Jain, a distinguished leader who has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication to the organization. This strategic consolidation aims to create a holistic and unified approach to meet clients’ diverse needs and expectations and shall draw synergies to fuel the Sales Division to elevate client experience. The result will be improved coverage, stronger collaboration, and a heightened level of customer satisfaction.

Mona-Jain image

“I am truly honoured and excited to lead this unified Sales Division. Our mission is to bring together the best of both worlds – digital and linear sales – to deliver unparalleled solutions to our clients. With our cohesive team and unwavering commitment, we’re set to redefine excellence in advertising,” added Mona Jain.

The Unified Sales Division will be better equipped to offer innovative advertising strategies that span both digital and television platforms. Training sessions and workshops shall be conducted to ensure that team members have the tools and resources needed to excel in their roles.

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