17, Nov 2023
MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT Unites India’s Desi Hip-hop Scene

MTV Hustle stands tall as India’s biggest Desi hip-hop platform, becoming the epicenter for rap talent across the nation. With its new season, MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT has captured the attention of music enthusiasts with an exceptional line-up of contestants and viral songs week after week, solidifying its presence in the industry.

The latest dynamic season unites contestants with diverse linguistic, regional, and cultural backgrounds, emphasizing India’s rich artistic landscape.

Here’s how MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT has become the voice of India’s youth!


Pan-Indian Representation: From Kayden in Hyderabad to 100RBH in Maharashtra, the show truly unifies India through rhythm and rap proving that hip-hop knows no geographical, linguistic, or genre-specific boundaries. With artists like Burrah from Punjab, who wishes to heal people through music, Shady Mellow from Guwahati who represents his community, and Badal from Haryana bringing that desi Haryani touch, MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT assembles a stellar lineup of contestants representing every corner of India.

Music as the Universal Language of Emotion: MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT proves that art is above linguistic barriers. With tracks like ‘Amravati Potta’ by 100RBH in Marathi, and Assamese verse in ‘Ladke Rote Nahi Hain’ the show celebrates regional tongues. Burrah’s soul-stirring “Main Sochi Jaavan” in Punjabi resonated deeply with everyone, proving that emotions know no language. MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT is a stage that celebrates the power of music as a universal medium of connection and expression.

MTV Hustle 03

Breaking the Barriers with Folk Fusion and Hip Hop: Hip Hop so far was stereotypically laced with Western influences. However, MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT has changed the game, by putting the spotlight on desi hip-hop that combines the essence of rap music with Indian folk and regional influences. This season fuses traditional folk music with contemporary hip-hop, creating a unique experience. Anurag Saikia lends his expertise to folk, seamlessly weaving it into the rhythm of the show. Karan Kanchan takes the reins of rap, ensuring contestants infuse authentic hip-hop elements. Bob-B Randhawa’s fusion of hip-hop and folk is electric, while Mrunal Shankar’s incorporation of Haryanvi folk delivers hard-hitting lyrics that resonate deeply with the audience. This fusion sets MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT apart, celebrating India’s rich musical heritage in a modern context by merging these styles.

MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT is a testament to India’s boundless creativity and unity through music. It is a stage that is continuously breaking barriers with diverse languages, fusing Indian musical influences with hip-hop. It’s a stage where talent knows no bounds, and where the beats bring the nation together in harmony.

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