6, Oct 2023
MTV redefines success for the youth, unveils ‘MTV Question Marks’ campaign

Mumbai, India, October 06, 2023:

India’s leading youth entertainment brand, MTV, from Viacom18, one of the largest media conglomerates of the country, launches a brand-new culture-defining youth campaign, ‘MTV Question Marks’. As a part of the pro-socio initiative, MTV organized a ‘mindset reorientation workshop for parents’ to reduce academic pressure on today’s youth.

The workshop took place in the presence of Cause Ambassador and renowned writer, producer, and mental health activist, Shaheen Bhatt, mental health experts Aanchal Narang – Founder of Another Light Counselling, Psychologist, Anureet Sethi – Co-founder, Chairperson, Trijog – Know Your Mind, General Manager (IEC) Podar Education Network on the stage along with Arushi Sethi Shah – CEO, Co-Founder, Trijog – Know Your Mind and Ankur Goel – Founding Member & COO at Drums Food.

MTV’s latest campaign takes a bold step to redefine the role of academic marks as the sole measure of success. The campaign’s messaging ‘Marks Hai Benchmark Nahi’ is rooted in consumer insights. A comprehensive youth study by MTV focused on 15-25 yr. olds showed that 60% of them are closer to their parents than their friends. Interestingly, despite this affinity, more than half avoid debating their parents assuming they would not see their point of view. Based on this insight and the pressure to score high marks, MTV Question Marks aims to open a sustainable dialogue between youth and their parents, who they consider as the first and the safest harbour for difficult conversations.

MTV collaborated with highly qualified experts, creating a resource bank and providing channels of counsel and communication on their dedicated campaign microsite www.mtvquestionmarks.com. MTV also unveiled an impactful and novel brand film that elevates the core message of the campaign, questioning the overdependence on marks as a metric for a successful life. The film encourages parents to step up and change the narrative, by staunchly supporting and shaping their child’s unique path to success.

L-R Arushi Sethi Shah, Shaheen Bhatt, Anureet Sethi, Anshul Ailawadi, Aanchal Narang, Ankur Goel, Dr. Ravinder Singal, (ADGP) Additional Director General of Maharashtra Highway Traffic Police

Speaking on announcing its latest campaign, Anshul Ailawadi, Head – Youth, Music, and English Entertainment, Viacom18, said, “MTV has never shied away from shining the light on themes that matter to young Indians. Our latest campaign, MTV Question Marks, is a clarion call for change. With this initiative, we hope to bring a mindset shift amongst parents, to move beyond traditional academic benchmarks, and believe in the capability of young minds to define success on their own terms.”

To expand the campaign’s reach, MTV has forged strategic partnerships. Snack Partner Epigamia, through its co-branded, limited edition yogurt edition with the tagline ‘Naye Zamane ka Dahi Shakkar’ packaging will add a creative dimension, enhancing the campaign’s visibility and appeal to a wider audience.

Rahul Jain, Co-founder & CEO, of Drums Food International, said, “We are proud to partner with MTV on this campaign, a noble initiative aimed at reshaping the way parents perceive success for their children. Our limited edition yogurt ‘Naye zamaane ka dahi shakkar’ symbolizes the support we offer to parents and students during the stressful exam season. We believe in nourishing not only bodies but also minds. It’s more than just yogurt; it’s a taste of confidence and well-being in every cup.”

On the association, Aanchal Narang, Founder of Another Light Counselling, a Psychologist said, “Exams are often equated with a child’s capability to succeed, which is unfair threshold. With this campaign, we hope to create a space where parents can learn and understand their children in a way most have not before. We aim to help parents navigate through their children’s academic life while being empathetic and compassionate.” Youth Mental Health Partner Another Light Counselling has been an integral collaborator in giving life to the parent-focused workshop, providing resources for mental health management, and driving a meaningful conversation through it.

“We champion celebrating efforts, debunking the misconception that top academic performance defines worth. Our campaign emphasizes nurturing environments, acceptance, and mental health support, bridging the gap with Trijog.” Added, Arushi Sethi, CEO, Co-Founder, Trijog – Know Your Mind

Anureet Sethi, Co-founder, Chairperson, Trijog – Know Your Mind, General Manager (IEC) Podar Education Network mentioned, “We challenge the belief that academic success guarantees happiness. By prioritizing emotional resilience, empathy, and compassion, we pave the way for societal stability. Join our campaign to shift focus from IQ to EQ, creating a stronger, empathetic society.”


Wellness Partner Trijog, an expert in mental health support, will provide vital about 100 free counseling sessions to the campaign participants and a handbook with critical information on dealing with exam stress, ensuring the campaign’s impact extends beyond its initial duration. The campaign will also promote the Government of India’s Department of Public Health and Welfare’s initiative, the National Tele Mental Health Programme of India – Tele MANAS, a comprehensive mental health care toll-free helpline number that makes mental health services accessible and free to every individual. Yashlok Foundation, a renowned not-for-profit organization, supported the cause as an Awareness Partner.

Special Guest Dr. Ravinder Singal, (ADGP) Additional Director General of Police of Maharashtra Highway Traffic Police shed light on the importance of youth mental health in the context of academic stress, saying, “The growing stress on kids today makes me want to share this important message with all parents. I really think that true success comes more from being brave and trying new things than just from grades. While grades show what a student remembers, they don’t show who they really are inside. Just getting good grades doesn’t mean you’ll be successful.

There are many opportunities waiting for our kids. We should all work together to make sure our kids feel good mentally and emotionally, helping them find these opportunities. Let’s be a strong support for our kids, helping and understanding them instead of pushing them too hard. We should always listen to them, helping them in good and tough times. And if we think they need extra help with academic stress, it’s okay to ask experts. After all, grades are just one way to see how a kid is doing, kyunki marks hain, benchmark nahi.”

The ‘MTV Question Marks’ campaign aims to create a seismic shift in perceptions of success, and the consequent academic pressure. By creating a nationwide movement that empowers the youth and parents to value individual growth and personal exploration, MTV stands at the forefront of championing a brighter, more balanced future for the youth of India.

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