1, Nov 2023
Shemaroo MarathiBana presents ‘Sau. Pratap Manasi Supekar’- A show that echoes the progressive bond between the partners

Shemaroo MarathiBana is set to introduce an engaging and heartwarming show titled ‘Sau. Pratap Manasi Supekar’ to its growing portfolio of original content. The concept of the show is as unique as its title, it is about an unbreakable bond of love, promoting equality, fostering understanding, facing challenges together, and breaking the stereotypes. Mark your calendars for October 30, 2023, as this exciting show debuts on Shemaroo MarathiBana.

The show was created by the renowned name in the Marathi TV industry, Viren Pradhan, and produced under the banner of Piccolo Films. The very talented Pradeep Ghule as Pratap Supekar and the charming Tanvee Kiran as Manasi will be seen as leads in the show.

‘Sau. Pratap Manasi Supekar’ is a celebration of a love story between Pratap and Manasi that transcends traditional boundaries. The narrative sheds light on the contemporary and forward-thinking mindset of couples who recognize that love is not bound by prejudice. Contrary to the stereotypical image of a wife standing in her husband’s shadow, Pratap, a dedicated Traffic Police constable, embodies the qualities of a supportive and caring partner. He prioritizes his relationship with Manasi and holds deep respect for her individuality.

On the other hand, Manasi takes on the role of a Senior Traffic Police Inspector, excelling in a traditionally male-dominated field. She personifies a blend of compassion and determination, flawlessly balancing her professional and personal life. While Manasi’s senior position in the workplace raises concerns for Pratap’s family, it does not affect the harmony between them. Their partnership stands as a testament to the resilience of their bond and their unwavering courage to challenge societal norms.

Pradeep Ghule who plays Pratap, said, ” ‘Sau. Pratap Manasi Supekar’ is a show that beautifully blends a captivating love story with the breaking of stereotypes. In today’s evolving world, husbands are open to taking on responsibilities that are traditionally expected from wives. When I learned I would be portraying Pratap, it was a moment of delight because, as an actor, there’s immense satisfaction in depicting a progressive character with the potential to positively impact viewers.

In preparation for the role of a traffic constable, I drew inspiration from friends whose fathers are in traffic enforcement, using their mannerisms and experiences to shape my performance. This show holds a special place in my heart, and its intriguing title, ‘Sau. Pratap Mansi Supekar,’ adds an extra layer of fascination to it.”

Excited about her new journey with Shemaroo MarathiBana, Tanvee Kiran, who plays Manasi Supekar, expressed, “Getting my first big break as the lead in ‘Sau. Pratap Manasi Supekar’ is a dream come true, and I am grateful to Shemaroo MarathiBana for this opportunity. I’m stepping into the shoes of a character who will leave viewers with the thought that in a relationship, a woman does not have to sacrifice her own identity that she has built to conform the societal norms. The bond between Pratap and Manasi mirrors the dynamics of progressive couples in our society, a connection our viewers will relate to.

Playing the role of Manasi, a skilled traffic police officer who balances her professional and personal lives perfectly, requires discipline, precision, and self-confidence. To bring authenticity in the role, I’m mastering the art of professional motorcycle riding. Bringing this character to life convincingly is a significant responsibility, and I hope the audience enjoys it as much as I do.”

The show is set to engage and inspire viewers with a blend of heartwarming moments and societal commentary, making it a significant addition to Shemaroo MarathiBana’s diverse content offerings that truly connects with the audience.

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