21, Aug 2023
Jatheon Technologies Wins Eastern Suffolk BOCES RFP for Cloud Archiving

Jatheon Technologies Wins Eastern Suffolk BOCES RFP for Cloud Archiving

Toronto, Canada, August 21, 2023 — Eastern Suffolk BOCES is an educational cooperative of 51 Long Island school districts. They were seeking a cloud email archiving solution to ensure compliance, data security and streamlined information management for the districts they manage. A Request for Proposal process completed, with Jatheon emerging as the top choice to meet the archiving needs of more than fifty Eastern Suffolk school districts.

Some of the criteria that the solution needed to meet were the compliance with ADA, CIPA, FERPA, HIPAA, FMLA, FCC, Education Law 2-9, LGS-1 schedules and all other NYS laws, appropriate internal data security controls and cloud compliance certifications, experience in working on large and complex migration projects from multiple competitor solutions, environments, and legacy systems, and a robust feature set. Vendors were also asked to provide documentary evidence of their ability to deliver BOCES projects on time and on budget.

Jatheon’s cloud data archiving solution stood out for its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, scalability, and robust data security measures. By choosing Jatheon, Eastern Suffolk Boces is demonstrating its dedication to adopting industry-leading technology that aligns with their commitment to data integrity, accessibility, and compliance with New York State laws.

“We are honored to have been selected as the chosen vendor for Eastern Suffolk Boces’ cloud email archiving needs,” said Jeff Marlow, VP Business Development of Jatheon Technologies. “Our team is excited to collaborate closely with Eastern Suffolk Boces and its participating districts to provide a solution that not only meets their archiving requirements but also enhances their overall data management capabilities.”

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