13, Feb 2023
Kairos Technologies announces setting up of K-Labs in Telangana

Hyderabad: 13th February 2023: Kairos Technologies, a global organization, with its delivery center in Hyderabad, Telangana announces the setting up of a dedicated R&D center K-Labs. K-Labs will have an investment to build new generation products combined with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence with state-of-the-art technology. With a current size of 1000 employees, the company plans to hire 400 more employees this year across different geographies to foster future growth.

Kairos takes this opportunity to reincarnate itself with a new logo, theme, and style. This new identity will help the company to connect meaningfully with its customers. The new-age customers are embarking on the journey of digital transformation and Kairo’s new service portfolio helps the company align with its customer positioning and grow together.

Kairos is focused on being a global technology-driven company that embraces change, invests in innovation, and seeks out new challenges, with the clear goal of achieving what is possible. The new branding is based on the company’s heritage, technology, and people – three factors that have helped shape the company and its portfolio.

According to Mr. Sudhakar Pennam, Founder & CEO, of Kairos Technologies and Solunus, “We are problem solvers who strive to be better for our customers, each other, and our community. Kairos’s ethos is Persistent Ingenuity, pushing ourselves to find new answers and to keep thinking and innovating. Our end-to-end portfolio of Digital Quality Engineering Solutions and Services helps businesses to confidently scale up their digital landscape and harness the power of proven and evolving technologies for growth and business agility. The new identity truly reflects our passion to pioneer technologies that will help change the world. To promote innovation and digital transformation, we are planning to hire 400 more employees this year to further strengthen our team of passionate technology professionals.”

He further added, “We are also proud to introduce 2 new IP Led solutions from our dynamic R&D Lab (K-Lab). KiTAP – Kairos Intelligent Test Automation Platform, is an AI-driven Low-Code Test Automation Platform that seamlessly integrates with CI/CD Pipeline. It is the first AI-Powered Test Automation Platform with Source Code Deployment on the client’s Test Infra, which combines the power of AI and Human Intelligence for the digital-next businesses. Also, we introduce DQ-Gateway – an all-in-one no-code solution for Data Quality assessment. It is a unique Data Quality solution built for Data Analysts to ensure the quality of clients’ data in an interactive visual manner. These products will further enhance our services and solutions for the digital transformation of our customers.”

“Technology is growing at a rapid pace, and we see Innovation happening every day. However, for this Innovation to go mainstream, a thorough validation of Consumer Experience becomes mandatory. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning need a lot of data modeling and learning before they can go mainstream. So new age testing is needed to validate these models and we are building AI to validate AI” is what Ms. Radhika Rao, CDO of Kairos Technologies says. Exciting times call for bold actions and Radhika says there cannot be a better time and place than now to re-engineer the future.

According to Mr. Jagadish Mankal, COO of Kairos Technologies, “The new identity helps us connect meaningfully with our customers. The future-ready Kairos is equipped with an enhanced service portfolio and innovative products to help customers in their digital transformation.”

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