18, Nov 2023
5 Best Alternative Investments in India To Place Your Bets On In 2023

Investing in traditional avenues like stocks, mutual funds, and fixed deposits is no longer the only option for Indian investors looking to grow their wealth. With the rise of alternative investment platforms, individuals now have access to high-yield opportunities that were once reserved for institutions and the ultra-wealthy.

There is an increasing interest in the alternative investment segment and it represents about $13 trillion (or 12%) of the global investible market as per a recent report. We have scouted the Indian market to uncover the “5 Best Alternative Investments in India In 2023.” From innovative platforms to unconventional assets, these investment avenues offer a refreshing departure from the ordinary, promising unique paths to financial growth.

Let’s embark on a journey into the world of unconventional yet promising investment strategies.

Growpital – Cultivating Agri-Investments

Growpital revolutionizes farm investment by opening up opportunities for retail investors. They believe in the potential of agriculture as a safe and stable long-term investment. With great returns of up to 14%, Growpital allows you to invest in managed farm projects, diversifying your portfolio with safe agricultural investments.


· Focuses on democratizing farm investments.

· Offers 11% to 14% returns on investments.

· Provides managed farm projects for diversification.

IndiaP2P – Assured Monthly Earnings

IndiaP2P aims to provide retail investors with an ideal investment product that offers predictable monthly earnings. With the potential to earn remarkable returns, IndiaP2P enables you to build a strong portfolio without compromising on returns. Your investment is deployed into loan portfolios, and repayments are reinvested to accelerate your earnings.


· Regulated for investor protection.

· Offers up to 18% annual returns.

· Promises monthly earnings with predictable performance.


13Karat is a P2P-enabled investment platform that offers investors to earn returns of up to 13% annual returns. It partners with RBI-registered P2P NBFCs, ensuring diversified borrowing options are compliant with RBI regulations. It’s open to residents, NRIs, and soon, corporates, with investments securely managed and monitored by RBI-regulated trustee. Notable features include impressive returns, no hidden charges, and monthly interest payouts. Starting at just Rs. 500 with no upper limit, 13Karat offers flexibility for all types of investors.


· Offers returns of up to 13% p.a.

· Collaborates with RBI-registered P2P NBFCs for the safety on investments

· Automatic renewal options.

· No TDS on withdrawals.

· Investment starts at as low as Rs. 500 per month.

· Multiple investment options ranging from 3-6 months


GripInvest reimagines wealth through its alternative investment platform, offering monthly returns of up to 16%. They are SEBI-regulated, ensuring your investments are secure. You can start investing with just Rs. 1,000. GripInvest emphasizes diversification, great returns, non-market-linked assets, and curated investment opportunities.


· SEBI-regulated investments for transparency.

· Allows investment starting at just Rs. 1,000.

· Monthly fixed-income opportunities.

· Up to 16% returns on investments.


Klubworks is India’s pioneering revenue-based financing platform, specializing in financing unique projects. It’s investing portfolio covers cloud kitchens, D2C businesses, subscription models, gaming, SaaS, and local enterprises. With an entry investment threshold as low as Rs. 2,50,000, investors can anticipate returns ranging from 20% to 27%. Klubworks strategically targets lucrative sectors such as fashion, lifestyle, and special interests to maximize investor cash flow, directly correlated to the revenue performance of these local businesses.


· Offers an impressive IRR of 20-27%.

· Diversifies investment portfolios by supporting high-yield small businesses and rapidly growing enterprises.

Why These Investment Platforms Stand Out?

Attractive Returns
These platforms offer returns that often surpass traditional investment options, making them appealing choices for those seeking higher profits.

They allow you to diversify your investment portfolio, reducing the risk associated with putting all your funds into a single asset class.

Regulated and Secure
Many of these platforms are regulated by relevant authorities, ensuring the safety of your investments.

They prioritize transparency, ensuring you understand the terms, risks, and potential returns of your investments.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting, these alternative investment platforms in India offer a range of choices to help you achieve your financial goals and make your money work for you. Remember to do your due diligence and consult with financial advisors if needed before making any investment decisions.

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