11, Oct 2023
Country Chicken Co. & IndBro Research and Breeding Farms launch NutriSoft Chicken

Country Chicken Co. & IndBro Research and Breeding Farms launch NutriSoft Chicken

Hyderabad, 11th October, 2023: Introducing NutriSoft Chicken which is raised naturally, without any hormonal changes which means it’s more healthy, soft, & full of flavor. It’s recently launched by Country Chicken Co. in association with IndBro research and breeding farms. NutriSoft Chicken is softer & juicier than regular chicken.One can use it in their everyday chicken recipes like biryani, kebabs, and curries, and it’ll make dishes even more delicious and juicy.

Now, let’s talk about how NutriSoft Chicken is different from regular chicken. As NutriSoft Chicken is grown naturally, it takes about 60 to 90 days to grow, while regular chickens grow faster in just 30 days because of hormonal changes & fast growth practices. NutriSoft Chicken is raised in open lands, where they have space to move around which means it is 100% natural, unlike regular chickens which are stressed by keeping in cages.

Dr. Kotaiah, Managing Director of Indbro Research and Breeding Farms, speaking said, “The need for such a product became apparent as many individuals and children suffer from hormonal imbalances, obesity, early puberty, and PCOD/PCOS issues among females. NutriSoft chicken is not just rich in proteins, but it also has low fats and provides vitamins and minerals. It promotes muscle building, strengthens bones, and supports heart health.”

Kids love soft chicken, and moms always want the best for their families. Health-conscious individuals also look for healthier options. That’s where NutriSoft Chicken comes in! It’s soft and healthy, just what everyone’s been looking for.

The best part – NutriSoft Chicken comes at Rs.179/Kg similarly priced with regular chicken but it is more flavorful & healthy. So a chicken lover gets all these benefits at an affordable price. We look forward to the Chicken Revolution brought by IndBro research and breeding farms and Country Chicken Co. by launching a healthy version of regular chicken. Try NutriSoft Chicken today, and you’ll see why it’s the perfect choice for your family and your wallet.

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