11, Oct 2023
Virtue Worldwide and The Revolver Club Collaborate to Revolutionize Vinyl Record Collecting

Virtue Worldwide and The Revolver Club Collaborate to Revolutionize Vinyl Record Collecting

Mumbai, 11th October: In a world where global vinyl sales have been steadily on the rise over the last decade, Revolver Club, India’s leading online vinyl record store, has been at the forefront of this musical revolution. Revolver Club has partnered with Virtue Worldwide, the agency powered by VICE known for their innovative and impactful work, to address a unique challenge faced by vinyl enthusiasts. With an average price of INR 5,000 and vintage records often reaching INR 20,000, vinyl lovers have long since struggled to justify these costs to their partners.

In response to this challenge, The Revolver Club is introducing an ingenious solution through their new initiative, “Stick it to the Man.” This initiative comes in the form of an exclusively designed sticker book filled with fake prices and stylish sales stickers. These stickers are intended to help vinyl lovers mislead their friends and families by applying them to their record collections, concealing the actual cost of their purchases. With over 200 carefully designed stickers in this book, each crafted by audiophiles, vinyl enthusiasts can now enjoy their passion without causing any raised eyebrows.

Jude De Souza, Founder of The Revolver Club, believes that “Stick it to the Man” is not just a clever solution to a common problem but a way to give back to the vinyl community. De Souza stated, “Our goal has always been to make vinyl records more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. With this initiative, we’re not just addressing the concern; we’re also providing a pathway for music lovers to expand their vinyl collections and deepen their love for music.”

Hayden Scott, Creative Head APAC, at Virtue Worldwide, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “At Virtue Worldwide, we love projects that challenge the status quo and provide solutions to real-life dilemmas. ‘Stick it to the Man’ is a fun and engaging way to tackle the issue of explaining the cost of buying records to loved ones who may not always be as enthusiastic about your hobby as you. As avid record collectors ourselves, we are excited to have created something that can help and eventually add back to the growing vinyl subculture in India.”

The promotional video, created by Virtue Worldwide showcases the humour and creativity behind this unique initiative, highlighting how it can make collecting vinyl records an even more enjoyable experience.

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