27, Jun 2023
Exploring Analytics: 4 Companies in India that Are Leading the Way

The use of data has become a crucial component in driving strategic business discussions and decision-making processes in modern times. A majority of organizations have transitioned to a data-centric business model that governs their daily operations. Data provides valuable insights into customer behaviour, needs, and habits. As customization becomes increasingly essential, reliance on big data to enhance operational efficiency has significantly escalated. This has prompted organizations to cater to customers with diverse and unique requirements. In a bid to retain them, and translate this retention into loyalty they have started making use of data in their day-to-day business decisions.

As most businesses may not always accommodate an in-house tech wing that will serve their data analytic needs, there are major tech consultancy firms bridging the gap between their clients and their data needs. Here are four such players who have stepped up and are leading the way in the Indian digital solutions market.

  1. Fractal Analytics: A leader in AI development, Fractal Analytics is an amalgamation of talent, extensive industry, knowledge, accelerators, solutions, platforms, and product partnerships. It provides solutions to its clients through which data optimization leads to creative revenue streams, enhancement of operations, and an extensive customer relationship. Their evolved data estate sits on four primary premises: Decision systems, Enterprise Ops, Data Governance, and data platforms. Through data platforms, Fractal Analytics promotes experimentation and industrialization.
  2. Visionet: Visionet is a leading digital solution company that harnesses a set of talented individuals to deliver disruptive innovations, leading the way in data analytics and data modernization for almost three decades. With over 350+ global clients, Visionet has constantly been supporting organizations with efficient solutions to manage massive data and rapidly provide the latest, most accurate insights about it to decision-makers. One of their leading modern data platforms, AcuitySpark provides advanced data analytics that facilitates inventory optimization and operational intelligence through AI-driven customer insights. It has helped clients navigate the complexities of digital transformation with ease, thereby empowering them to make business deliberations that suit the rapidly evolving digital landscape.
  3. Absolut Data: Since 2001, the company has been a big player in the Data analytics market. They have a powerful suite of AI-based solutions that has helped its client make informed and transformative business decisions. Absolut Data provides the latest tools and technologies to get diverse insights from data and establish a data-centric business model. The NAVIK-AI platform accelerates the journey of the organization toward a transformational business model that yields an efficient revenue system.
  4. Binary Semantics: The company enables businesses to communicate the hidden value of their products and services by harvesting insights from data. Through this, their clients can reduce market risks, compute consumer behaviour and make data-driven business transformations. Their advanced data analytics services make use of cutting-edge technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and a strong data foundation to achieve long-term success. The company specializes in tailor-made and user-friendly digital solutions for a spectrum of industries that range from Automobile to Retail, Education, and Manufacturing.

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