18, Jul 2023
Farm to Table Experience at Caraway Kitchen, Conrad Bengaluru

Offering a burst of fresh and robust flavours, Cararway Kitchen at Conrad Bengaluru brings together an amalgamation of flavours with all things organic. Curating a farm to fork experience with produce sourced locally, the newly crafted Five Farms menu is an experience in itself.

Conrad Bengaluru - Caraway Kitchen

With an aim towards shedding light on sustainability and healthy eating, Five Farms at Conrad Bengaluru is all about consuming right and supporting local farms.

Showcasing a fusion of absolutely rich and fresh flavours, the offerings at Caraway Kitchen cater to a grazing table which comprises of local cheese and farm fresh produce. Flour and seed conceptual bread station with delicacies like multigrain flour sourdough, chia seeds ciabatta, pumpkin seed and chili focaccia. Leafy vegetable delicacies including Spinach spanakopita, Nutrition bomb, Leafy green shakshuka. Millet based dishes such as ragi mudde, jolada roti, millet biryani along with meat and mushroom delicacies such as lost in forest bolognese, green apron bucket, shitake baked pomfrets.

“Sustainable dining and purpose- driven guest experiences are cornerstone to us at Conrad Bengaluru. We are delighted to curate the Five Farms experience that promises the best of farm to table dining with fresh and indulgent ingredients”, says Chef Prasad Metrani, Director of Culinary, Conrad Bengaluru.

The specially crafted Five Farms experience includes freshness from supporting farms such as Green Apron Gourmet Mushroom, Biofloc Fish Farming, Vallombrosa Cheese, Sweetness of Ethics Honey, Rewets Farm.

Bringing together the best of authentic and fresh flavours, the culinary experience will be exclusively available on the 19th of July 2023 at Caraway Kitchen.
For reservations, please contact:
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