18, Nov 2023
Health Roads Joins Civitas Networks for Health

Newark, CA, November 18, 2023: Health Roads, LLC, today announced it has joined Civitas Networks for Health, the largest national network of its kind. Civitas includes member organizations working to use health information exchange, health data, and multi-stakeholder, cross-sector approaches to improve health.

Health Roads Joins Civitas Networks for Health

Health Roads is a specialized IT Consulting firm for the Health and Human Services industry focused on enabling care coordination for public health, social care, and multi-sector data integration for improved health outcomes. The company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area but conducts business in twenty-one states in the US and is growing steadily.

“Civitas Health Network’s mission is closely aligned with our mission. Our current and future customers and collaborators are either already members or planning to join this network. Civitas membership will allow us to be part of regional and national dialogues on multi-sector data integration initiatives, standardization for efficient data exchange, and enabling Health Information Exchanges to become multi-sector data hubs of the future,” said Rajib Ghosh, CEO of Health Roads.

“Civitas Networks for Health is excited to have Health Roads join our national network,” said Lisa Bari, CEO of Civitas. “We are raising the voices of local health collaboratives and those providing critical services to support health transformation. From the secure exchange of life-saving data to the accountability of multi-stakeholder initiatives, our member organizations have built the most trusted, connected, and inventive programs to serve their communities. Health Roads brings several years of proven expertise in working with community-based multi-stakeholder data exchange and Community Information Exchange (CIE) initiatives for improved health outcomes in many communities. Civitas looks forward to working with Health Roads.”

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