25, Oct 2023
Jasleen Royal Set to Enchant Bengaluru with the Heeriye India Tour at BYG Brewski Brewing Company

Jasleen Royal Set to Enchant Bengaluru with the Heeriye India Tour at BYG Brewski Brewing Company

The heart of Bengaluru is set to pulsate with the rhythm of Jasleen Royal’s much-anticipated Heeriye India Tour, commencing at the lively BYG Brewski Brewing Company on October 27, 2023. Jasleen Royal, an illustrious Indian singer, songwriter, and composer, stands at the forefront of musical innovation, weaving a tapestry of emotions through her chart-topping hits. From the timeless allure of Din Shagna Da to the infectious energy of Nachde Ne Saare and the soulful resonance of Ranjha, Jasleen’s artistry has left an indelible mark on the soundscape of Indian music.

Notably, 2022 witnessed a historic milestone as Jasleen Royal became the first female music director to clinch the prestigious Filmfare Award for Best Music Director. Her contribution to the film Shershaah marked a paradigm shift, reinforcing her position as a trailblazer in the industry.

In their unwavering commitment to curating unforgettable experiences, BYG Brewski Brewing Company consistently brings top-tier artists to their stage. This collaboration with Jasleen Royal for the Heeriye India Tour is yet another testament to their dedication to providing patrons with extraordinary musical encounters. BYG Brewski has become synonymous with hosting stellar events, and this gig is a testament to its continuous endeavour to elevate the cultural landscape.

The chosen venue, BYG Brewski Brewing Company, isn’t merely a backdrop; it’s an integral part of the narrative. Nestled in the heart of Bengaluru, BYG Brewski offers more than an open-air setting. It’s an experience—an immersion into the city’s pulsating energy, complemented by an array of craft brews that promise to tantalize the taste buds, and a diverse menu crafted to satisfy every culinary desire.

Rahul, Partner at Impetus Live LLP, expressed his sentiments on selecting BYG Brewski as the venue, stating, “With a vibe that resonates with the heart of Bengaluru, every visitor at BYG Brewski will have an unforgettable musical experience with the melody queen Jasleen. It’s a soulful space where you will get to experience every note, every beat to create memories with home-brewed beers accompanied by soul-satisfying food.” The Heeriye India Tour is not just an event; it’s a nationwide extravaganza spanning 10 major cities. The inaugural night in Bengaluru is a testament to the city’s vibrant cultural tapestry and its love for music that transcends boundaries.

Jasleen Royal shared her excitement, stating, “I am thrilled and filled with gratitude for the incredible support I have received from my fans and media. With Heeriye receiving such an overwhelming response, this tour could not have come at a better time!”

As the sun sets on Bengaluru, the stage at BYG Brewski Brewing Company will light up with the magic of Jasleen Royal’s melodies. This musical journey promises not just entertainment but an immersion into a world where every note is a story and every beat is a heartbeat.

Be ready for an evening of enchantment—a night where the threads of music, culture, and camaraderie weave together into an unforgettable experience.


Where: BYG Brewski Brewing Company, Bengaluru – Hennur

When: October 27, 2023 – Friday

Time: 5:00 PM Onwards

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