18, Jun 2024
Nana’s Kitchen Founder & CEO Shelina Mawani Leads Summer Issue of PORTFOLIO.YVR Business & Entrepreneurs Magazine

Vancouver, Canada, June 18, 2024 –EcoLuxLuv Marketing & Communications Inc (ELL Comms), the publisher of numerous eco- and eco-luxury lifestyle titles in western Canada, has released the Summer Issue of PORTFOLIO.YVR Business & Entrepreneurs Magazine with Nana’s Kitchen Founder & CEO Shelina Mawani as its lead feature.

With a journey that began in Mwanza, Tanzania, Mawani, affectionately known as Canada’s “Samosa Queen,” has built a “grab & go” empire that produces over 30,000 hand-made Indian pastries each day, a Mexi Food Line, and a soon-to-launch “toasty” product line.

In addition to Mawani, the 100-page Summer issue features David Wong (Oration Global), Kris Krug (Future Proof Creatives), Luxx Nova Bridal, Ritchie Po (Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Lawyer), Brittany Michalchuk (YVR Entrepreneurs Club), Jordan Kallman (The Social Concierge), Julie Vu (Content Creator, Activist), Raquel Grebler Quesne (Ahblo Luxury Knitwear), and Reece Sims (Sip Spirits Consulting).

With the launch of PORTFOLIO.YVR Issue #4, Siwak shares that “PORTOFOLIO.YVR is a personality-driven business magazine that allows investors and the business community to learn more about what drives those making change through tech, services, innovation, and more. Our readers are taken on a more heartfelt journey without the traditional business magazine style (‘stats and graphs,’ comparisons, and market analysis) to tell the story and invite engagement, collaboration, investment, or whatever the entrepreneur seeks.”

The eco-friendly digital magazine is free, easily shareable, and features profiles of 10 entrepreneurs and businesses innovating and positively impacting Canada’s business and economy. PORTFOLIO.YVR is positioned as a sponsored content marketing vehicle, with each issue incorporating a curated approach to content that includes a very effective post-publishing digital marketing strategy. It offers entrepreneurs and businesses an omnichannel process that puts the issue’s content in the inboxes of over 50K professionals through a series of newsletters, affiliate database shares, and social media platforms. This hybrid approach delivers the story to the audience in various formats to ensure success.

Feedback from previously featured entrepreneurs includes Craig Patterson of Retail Insider: “I find PORTFOLIO.YVR Business & Entrepreneurs to be a much-needed publication in that it offers a fresh new voice for business coverage in the Vancouver and Canada-wide markets. ⁠The no-advertising format allows for straightforward, uninterrupted, informative storytelling and humanizes entrepreneurs in a way not seen elsewhere. I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue and look forward to discovering and reading the stories of people I know will be on my radar for Retail Insider soon.”⁠

Will Fan of Emobily: “It was great to have someone like Helen to guide me in a peer-to-peer conversation to explore my business more and more and perceive my story, which is extremely hard for a Founder. Understanding the complex reality of success in my life – the vulnerability – she was able to observe and describe me exactly who I am.”

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