18, Jun 2024
Panamera Holdings to Acquire AusTex Aggregates

Houston, TX, June 18, 2024 — Panamera Holdings Corporation (OTC: PHCI) proudly announces the execution of a binding Letter of Intent to acquire AusTex Aggregates, an established and growing aggregates company nestled in the thriving landscape of greater Austin, specializing in Aggregate/Soils and Spoils Remediation Solutions, Onsite Materials Processing, Environmental Engineering, Crushing and Screening Plant Equipment as well as Rentals and Sales. In exchange for 2,750,000 shares of restricted common stock from its treasury, Panamera will acquire AusTex Aggregates, LLC as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Owner and President Chet Fazand stated, “I am excited and motivated to join the Panamera Holdings Team of experts and professionals, and can see the infinite opportunities we present together solidifying and coming to fruition as we speak. With these combined strengths, this synergistic partnership will unlock endless possibilities, enabling us to cater to an even broader range of client needs.”

Texas is the premier supplier of the most coveted aggregate and commercial stone products in the U.S. Fazand and his team at AusTex have set the standard in sourcing and extracting grade-specific materials from the richest quarries. “AusTex Aggregates from inception to the present has consistently grown into a seasoned market force serving the Austin Metro construction industry with high quality aggregate products. Joining the PHCI umbrella, AusTex will soon become a predominant leader in this market and expand its highest quality product offering in such volumes that the recent past will be mere history… and we WILL rewrite the guidebook for future industry growth,” expressed Mr. Fazand.

Cris Proler, President of Panamera Holdings, conveyed his excitement about the merger, stating, “We are elated to join forces with AusTex Aggregate. This partnership represents a critical step towards realizing our vision of becoming the global leader in environmentally sustainable raw materials. Together, we will leverage our combined strengths to drive innovation, operational excellence, and positive environmental impact.”

Proler, who hails from a legacy of industry leaders and inventors in metal recycling, provides priceless insight and expertise to the Panamera team. His knowledge of the intricacies of complementary industries and his network of generational relationships has provided Panamera with a foothold for success in multiple sectors that provide critical goods.

“These types of partnerships provide us with access to new markets and customer bases and are what drive innovation. With our shared vision of innovation, efficiency, and unparalleled service we will be equipped to deliver exceptional results as we redefine industry norms with our integrated solutions,” shared CEO and Chairman T. Benjamin Jennings.

Well known in the waste, recycling, and tech industries, Jennings has a solid understanding of industry dynamics and an impressive track record of creating and leading successful public companies. His first public company, Metal Management which later became Sims Metal Management, currently has a market cap of over $2 Billion. He went on to lead USA Waste and merged with Waste Management, another prominent player in the waste industry, and has a current market cap of $82 Billion.

With Jennings and Proler at the helm identifying and securing transformative collaborations and innovative growth strategies, Panamera is well-positioned to revolutionize these industries and leverage their resources, expertise, and market presence to drive growth and shareholder value.

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