8, Nov 2023
Nook & Nova: Transforming Home Decor with Designs with Intention

Miami, FL, November 08, 2023: Emerging home decor brand Nook & Nova announces the official launch of its independent online store, NookAndNova.com. The brand, previously sharing its unique creations on platforms like Etsy, marks this transition as a significant milestone.

In a time where the significance of living spaces has been underscored, with homes serving as both offices and sanctuaries, Nook & Nova seeks to introduce a fresh perspective to the world of home decoration.

Nook & Nova’s focus extends beyond aesthetics, with an emphasis on creating spaces that prioritize comfort, inspiration, and overall well-being. The brand offers a carefully curated range of products, including elegant throw pillows, captivating wall art, cozy blankets, and more, all meticulously designed to resonate with individual styles.

Nook & Nova invites individuals to explore its unique creations on NookAndNova.com, with each piece thoughtfully designed to celebrate individual styles and underscore the importance of intentional living. The brand’s designs aim to enhance daily life, making it more beautiful, comfortable, and meaningful.

A statement from Nook & Nova’s founder, Lisa Hernandez: “This journey has been a labor of love. Nook & Nova is not just a brand; it represents the dedication of a solo entrepreneur driven by the vision of turning homes into havens of well-being and personal expression. Our designs aim to bring joy, comfort, and a profound connection to living spaces. As our surroundings play an ever more crucial role in our well-being, we are committed to crafting creations that evoke positive emotions.”

Nook & Nova believes that the power of thoughtful design can transform and uplift the atmosphere of any space, no matter how big or small. This belief is rooted in experiences and a deep understanding of the profound impact that well-designed living environments can have on the human experience.

The brand offers unique and innovative items that reflect its dedication to mindful living and its commitment to the art of creating spaces that inspire and rejuvenate.


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