28, Sep 2023
Optimyze Finance LLP bringing FinTech to SMEs & Startups globally

Optimyze Finance LLP bringing FinTech to SMEs & Startups globally

New Delhi: Launched in India and UK simultaneously, Optimyze Finance LLP, a new age professional services firm, is all set to bring in the automation in global finance. Founded by seasoned professionals Kanika Bali, Manu Gupta and Fatima Naqvi, the firm aims to leverage FinTech coupled with their domain expertise for the benefit of SMEs, Startups and NGOs globally, enabling them to make informed decisions, manage risks, and identify growth opportunities, apart from reducing time and cost.

“A professional services firm, at the forefront of global finance, can be a game-changer for businesses by ushering in automation. Through advanced technologies and expert insights, such firms streamline financial processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce operational costs. By implementing automated solutions for tasks such as invoice processing, payroll, expense management, paperless accounting , auto consolidations etc businesses can significantly reduce errors and increase accuracy, ultimately leading to improved financial health. Moreover, automation frees up valuable human resources to focus on strategic initiatives, fostering innovation and growth. In an increasingly competitive landscape, a consulting firm’s guidance in adopting automation is instrumental in helping businesses thrive and remain globally competitive”, says the trio at the launch of their new initiative in New Delhi, India.

Transforming the Landscape for SMEs & Startups

SMEs looking at scaling operations globally or Startups looking at investor funding and NGOs looking for grants are often faced with the difficulties in presenting their financial records. Optimyze, with its expertise in global accounting standards and Fintech will make this transition easier for SMEs, Startups and NGOs.

“With Optimyze, SMEs can gain access to cutting-edge fintech services that were once the domain of larger corporations. Our AI-driven solutions streamline operations, cut costs, and enhance compliance. SMEs can now receive personalized financial advice and services tailored to their unique needs, fostering growth and competitiveness”, adds Kanika Bali

Bringing Sustainability to the fore front

As the need intensifies for sustainable investing, stakeholders and investors are now focusing on ESG information to ascertain a company’s value proposition and manage investment risks. The role of ESG in accounting continues to grow creating more and more challenges in the accounting and reporting arena.

“Traditional accounting has a limited scope in the measurement of a company’s transactions. When it comes to ESG accounting, accountants need to broaden their vision and think about ways to describe, assess and measure the impact of a company’s business on the neighborhood, its employees, their health, their social needs, the effects of its operations on the environment and so on and so forth. Though seemingly very subjective, the measurement of these factors is imperative for the evaluation of a company’s financial statements”, adds Fatima Naqvi.

Also, with the introduction of new guidelines concerning ESG reports, sustainability audits, and BRSR reports, companies need to be aware of the ESG impact of their business to attract investors and keep stakeholders satisfied.

ESG matters could impact a company’s financial statements in a direct manner, for example, in the recognition and measurement of compensation expenses. And indirectly that may suffer reputational damage from environmental contamination that reduces sales. Besides the above, there could be tax implications as well. For example, tax incentives to real estate builders for providing affordable housing or similar tax incentives for companies setting up green businesses, tax holidays for companies setting up solar energy businesses. Optimyze offers valuable assistance in conducting sustainability audits and ESG reports.

Combining skills with technology

“By combining our shared values with AI & Automation technologies we will power actionable insights for businesses realising right outcomes for them. What this partnership is enabling us to do is really double down on the use of technologies, leverage extensive network of experts, and work effectively across international markets to enable and optimyze businesses”, adds Manu Gupta.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Sustainable reporting, AI in Finance, Mitigating fraud with tech sensitive platforms, Sustainability audits, Raising capital, Reducing cost of doing business, Global financial compliance and implementing International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), are some of the services which are going to be provided by the firm for Corporates, NGOs, SMEs and Startups.

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