10, Jul 2024
Perfectly Average Welcomes Mira Kapoor as Their Brand Ambassador

Perfectly Average Welcomes Mira Kapoor as Their Brand Ambassador

July 10, 2024, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India : Perfectly Average, a brand that operates in the area of stackable scintillating jewellery and functional accessories today announced their exciting partnership with Mira Kapoor, who will serve as the face of the brand. Founded in 2021 by Tarushi Chhabra, Palak Chhabra, and Vidhi Jhalani, Perfectly Average has quickly become a symbol of accessible luxury in the jewellery industry.

Perfectly Average offers a stunning array of jewellery pieces including rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, each intricately designed with 18K gold plating, CZ stones, moonstones, amethyst, pearls, and aventurine. The brand embodies the idea that every individual should feel comfortable in their skin and express themselves confidently.

Commenting on the announcement, Tarushi Chhabra, Founder said, “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Mira Kapoor into the Perfectly Average family. Mira’s embodiment of elegance, grace, and modern sensibility perfectly mirrors the core values that define our brand. Mira is not just a style icon but also a role model who resonates deeply with our mission to redefine luxury as inclusive and empowering. Her influential presence in the fashion world and her genuine appreciation for fine craftsmanship make her an ideal ambassador for Perfectly Average.”

“I am excited to collaborate with Perfectly Average as their pieces make luxury feel personal and meaningful for every woman. As someone who values style that speaks to individuality and empowerment, partnering with Perfectly Average allows me to advocate for jewellery that not only enhances outer beauty but also celebrates inner confidence,” said Mira Kapoor.

Perfectly Average remains committed to crafting jewellery that blends luxury aesthetics with everyday wearability, ensuring affordability without compromise. With Mira Kapoor on board, the brand looks forward to inspiring women everywhere to adorn themselves with confidence and grace, irrespective of societal standards.

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